HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Queen Carol Tamburino

Happy Birthday Carol Tamburino

No one throws a party better than a Tamburino!!

And by that I mean Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne &/or Carol Tamburino!!
No one has better girlfriends than a Tamburino:  Tanya Teece, Donna Massanova, Eliana Raggio, Sabrina Tamburino Thorne, Kristen Foote, Georgia Pathos, Carol Tamburino, Ann Catania, Jill Rizen, and Erin Elmore (to name a few) at Serafina at Rittenhouse.   
Erin Elmore, Craig Spitzer, Kristen Foote and Eliana Raggio
Steve Olitisky (w/o his beard for first time in 20 years) and Tanya Teece

Dean Cafiero and Patricia Benitez
This is a great present and can usually be found at a greeting card store, AC Moore or Michael’s Crafts. I love it!!