MILEY CYRUS UPDATE – It’s Hair Rasing!! There’s a Price on her Head Now?

 madslightner finally meets Liam Hemsworth at Starbucks, on Saturday, and gets 1 degree closer to Miley Cyrus.

Thursday Miley & Liam had a romantic dinner at Jones at 7th & Chestnut St. The duo ate around 9PM, and went unnoticed.

Miley fans track her down on the set of Paranoia now filming in the burbs of Philly.

Miley went to NYC over the weekend to get her annoying bun cut off. Some fans say she donated it to charity, but I believe hair has to be 6 inches long for the honor. Was it?

Which means the hundreds of fans that got their pixs with her already will need to get their pixs with her again to stay current

I’ll be looking for her too, as my photos of her are now dated. It’s worse than when she changed her clothes 3 times a day knowing that if she were photographed those three times the shots would run. Now there’s a price on her head. The first shots of her with her new haircut are the most valuable.  I’ll be staking out 30th Street. OK I won’t today I have Jury Duty. Tomorrow though, where are you Miley?