It’s here Made in America music festival is this weekend. Sure I’m disappointed that I wasn’t credentialed to cover the event, but I’m not surprised. Remember I covered the opening of Beyonce’s concert at the opening of Revel Resorts and there were stringent rules and regulations imposed by Beyonce and Jay Z’s and I hear they have their own crew covering the event, like the great Kevin Mazur from Getty Images. I worked with him when Beyonce opened Revel Resorts. For that weekend Jay Z only let two photographers cover the event, and Revel was able to get me in there too for a total of 3.Anyway I plan to go as a ticket holder, and as well as cover the event from any angle I can get.  Here’s a few photos of the set up. (PS I kinda wrote this fast so pardon my mistakes.)

The entrance to the Made in America venue is on 22nd between the Parkway and Pennsylvania Ave.

I walked around the entire complex and this was the only entrance I noticed. It’s nearly an entire block long. 
This is the upper portion of the Made in America Festival Grounds. The Main Stage is on the right at the base of the Art Museum Stairs. The trailers in the foreground are were the talent will be cooling their heels while waiting to go on, unless they want to hang out in the VIP tents on the other side of the street.
Here, which is near the Washington Statue. Check out the cozy chairs.

This is the 2nd stage, it faces the Art Museum, it’s between 23rd and 24th Streets along the Parkway. All the entertainment is on the northern end of the Parkway. So if you live at Park town Apts have a party and a long telescope.

This is the 3nd stage inside this tent at the corner of 23rd and
Pennsylvania Ave. If you notice the fence goes right up to the street.
Tuesday in a press conference Mayor Nutter said there will be no
loitering outside the fence (see the double fence), or gate crashing. Buy a ticket, it’s for
charity, The United Way.

During Live 8, a lot of the major talent’s dressing rooms were at the top of the stairs. I believe this will be the case too. There is also a VIP area up there. During that concert I was able to get a few good shots off of celebs mingling about, and that was before I bought a professional camera. Can’t wait to see what I see and shoot now.

I am definitely going to go to the concert, not only for the great talent but also to experience the day. It’s going to be one of those defining moments in Philadelphia music history, and our history.  I wish we could keep these lights that are strung across the parkway. Can we do this during the holidays?

THE  CLYDESDALES are coming Thursday night: Their route will start at 6:00 at the Urban
Saloon, across from Eastern State Penitentiary, they’ll move from there to Rembrandt’s,
London, Jack’s, and Bishop’s Collar, dropping off free beer along
the way. They’re supposed to end up at 25th and Pennsylvania Ave around 8PM, come by and see them.

Jay Z loves blue right? This is the Main Stage. Now check up the Made In America Line Up with the times. 

Full Schedule As Of Thursday 8/29 :

Plus now they say the concert is going to be live streamed:

The only real complaint I am hearing is the no re-entry policy, but that’s what it is when you go to concerts. The good thing about this event, there’s a lot of wide open space to spend time in between the shows you want to see. Plus there’s food, beverages and the last days of summer 2012 to spend with friends. There are rules and regulations and you can find them here under FAQ