GREAT ADVENTURE SAFARI PARK IS CLOSING (**to become something more adventurous ..), so Mike and I headed over there last Friday for one last look. It’s kinda funny as I had been trying to get him there for the longest time and he resisted. He thought the animals would scratch his baby, I mean his car. But we spent 2 hours in the park and not one animal even came close. They were too busy sunning and minding their own business. They’ve seen cars before, probably doesn’t think they’re delicious.

I really wanted that dragon fly to land on the bears nose.

Oh wait the giraffes did think this truck was delicious and kept licking it. Mike and I think they coated it with something cause they didn’t lick anyone elses vehicle. Today it should come out what the heck is going to happen to the reserve. Just know you only have another 30 days to enjoy it in your own car.
**to become something more adventurous like maybe 
Guess I was right, Philly dot com just posted this article