PARANOIA Wrap Up, Filming 12th & Walnut, Extras & Miley Cyrus Finale

I know some of you were waiting for this final wrap up, sorry it took so long. This was the last major day of filming outside, which happened two weeks ago yesterday. Everyone keeps calling it the Harrison Ford film, but the truth is it’s the Liam Hemsworth film, he’ practically in every scene. The movie is based on a book by Joseph Finder about corporate espionage. The shoot on this day is a big spoiler, so if you don’t want to know what happens look no further. (I’m almost done the book, it’s good.)

The Sutton Club

Originally when I saw the street being set up the day before, I thought the action would be happening in the Caribou Cafe, as it was the only store closed on Walnut Street that day. Later I learned they just wanted to use the outdoor cafe, and for most of the day the actors killed time between scenes inside the restaurant.

Gary Oldman. I spent my day in the Starbucks across the street. So my photos weren’t all that good, but I got a fair amount of decent shots to tell the story on Fox 29 and in my Philly Mag column, oh and a few were picked up via my wire-service.

Josh Holloway in the white shirt. Josh worked out at the Sporting Club for some of the time he was in town. Liam Hemsworth did too, but when I realized the fans were overwhelming them everywhere, I just couldn’t go public with that info.  Liam was also seen working out at his condo’s gym nearly every day my friends would tell me.
Harrison Ford – A funny thing happens when you photographer actors over a certain age, they don’t get placed in magazines. Miley can be in US, People or whatever glossy for sneezing, but even if you get a good Harrison Ford, and people love him, they don’t run his photo in the magazines only on blogs.  I once got an awesome shot of Jack Nicholson giving me a thumbs up, that shot went no where nationally.
Josh Holloway was dancing with himself on the set.
Who’s stand in do you think this is?
The gig is up
Which NYC items do you see in this photo?
Dr Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), Nip/Tuck.
The shop owner is trying to sneak a picture.

Gary Oldman waiting for the next scene

You might want to turn the volume down, remember I’m in Starbucks & they have their muzak playing.

Being an extra means long days, lots of waiting around and no cell phones on set.

Crazy PPA gives film crew a ticket. Now someone has to fight the red tape to get it undone.
One of the last photos of Miley Cyrus in Philly with her friend what’s his name that all her fans think is a bad influence on her, at Shake Shake (thanks to the reader who sent me this shot that hasn’t been published yet.)  He flew in to see her, as did a friend of Liam’s the week before. They went to South Street several times, but did you know they also went to the Mutter Museum, the Magic Garden and they finally did take a photo in front of the Rocky Statue.