FASHION NIGHT OUT PHILLY 2012 What Was Everyone Wearing? Philadelphia Collection Random Red Carpet Photos too!!

September 6 was an explosion of happenings. Not only was it the final night of the Democratic Convention where President Obama asked the America public to re-elect him for another 4 years, but it was the MTV Music Awards, and fashion’s biggest night for shopping Fashion Night Out all over the country. 

Thank god for DVR’s cause nothing can stop Philly from hitting the town for a little party, bs and bargains.

 I started my night out at the Union League, putting on pants (not shorts) and my jacket for the first time this season. Kinda feels like the adult version of returning to school after the long summer (not long enough). Commonwealth Proper had a cocktail party for their clients and friends (I’ll be writing extensively about this party next week.) “We offer custom & ready-to-wear clothing for the contemporary
gentleman. All Commonwealth Proper garments are proudly cut and
assembled by hand in the United States.”  – co-owner Craig Arthur von Schroeder, with fiance Rhonda Clark Carlson, RCC Design Group LLC,  Sen. Larry Farnese, Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Assocs., Nigel Richards and Kristin Foote. 

After the checking out the merchandise and filling up on delicious sushi at the Commonwealth Proper 
party I was ready to hit the streets. Word had trickled into the Union League that their were a couple hot parties with banging crowds, coincidentally they were the three that I promoted on PCC on Tuesday. Nicole Miller at the Bellevue, Joan Shepp and Knit Wit.

I headed for Joan Shepp as it was nearing 9PM with only an hour or so to go for
Philadelphia’s first Fashion Night Out (NYC started it in 2009), there I found designers from all over the country whot traveled to Philly to help kick off the new
USAMade campaign. USAMade is a project of the Accessories
Council, the national trade association for the $30 billion accessory
industry, and the designers will be guests at Joan Shepp,
the first independent retailer in the country who committed to carry
some of the jewelry from the line. Products in the USAMade line
range from about $20 to $500 and go on sale nation-wide in September,
but many of the pieces were available for purchase on FNO Philly at Joan Shepp. The place was still buzzing with the fashion plates when I arrived. Satu Greenberg of Tuleste, Jimmy Contreras, Vlahos PR (Thank you for the cookies from Whipped Bakeshop), and Karen Giberson, President, Accessories Council. Giberson told me that she was excited to be part of Philly’s first fashion night out and the evening had been a blockbuster.  So many people came out to support the event, admiring and buying many of the fine jewelery pieces that were on hand at Joan Shepp by designers like Emanuela Duca, Lesli Sunshine of Lesli, Bonnie Jonas, John Wind
of Maximal Art, Caroline Rocha, Nicole Romano, Celeste and Satu
Greenberg of Tuleste, Gary Glaser of W/A Studios, Representative from
Alex Woo, Larry Jonas of Zack.

  Party Favorite: Donald
He always graces the finest parties in town and is always styling it, especially with his fancy free ties.

I saw young people out and about including this crew of freshman from Temple University fashion program: Caroline Houlihan, Marina Capara, Lucy Weigard, Galen McCarty (who tie dyes his clothing), Irma Barbosa, Ryan James Caruthers (who’d better guard that white shirt cause I caught Gaulen eying it up for a little tie dying.) Valerie Giacobbe and Zoe Ganslaw.

Caira Smith and Bertha Smith. Caira tells me her favorite outfit is leather pants because you can go edgy or dressy with it depending on which article of clothing you pair it with. Her mom loves kicking back in designer sweat outfits. Check out Caira’s tumblr FilthyRichandFabulous

Joan Shepp’s Tuesday Gordon, Sarah Doheny, YUBpr and Joan Shepp.  Sarah is wearing vintage “Steal Pony” accessorized with a bag and shoes she got at Joan Shepp.   You’ll recall I wrote earlier this week that the building that Joan Shepp’s in located in is being converted to apartments. She’s looking for a new place in Rittenhouse Square but we should appeal to the building to allow her to stay put as her place is a landmark on Walnut Street. I’ll find out who the leasing agent is and let’s write some letters. We can not do without the Joan Shepp windows beautifying Walnut St.

Out for fashion and to celebrate: Michelle Walker, Mina Jackson (Happy Birthday), Rose Carlton and Monica Moody.

Aly Kauffman loves her Equipment shirts and J Brand skinny jeans paired with super high heels when she wants to look fly on the scene, Tom Covello he just brings that smile that lights up a room.

 Fashion Plates: Chase Rodriguez is wearing a rose cuff knot on his lapel, is a fan of Alfa Polo and was heading to Kembrel for their Fashion Night Out events with his buds Jed Baxter, who is originally from Georgia likes to sport his shorts until winter sets in which is when the temperatures go below 80F. He is not part of the brain drain because when he was done his studies here he decided Philly was the place to be, “There’s a sense of community here in Philly, even though it’s a big city.” and Theodore Gaston, who can’t wait for Brooks Brothers to open this fall.
 Heading out I ran into Charles and Nicole Paloux, who are fashion walking every night, not just on Fashion Night Out. They’re with new to Philly  Dr. Naz Saedi and her husband Dr. Payman Zamani. Coming up for Nicole & Red Balloon King of Prussia Beer Festival coming up in October.
I made a quick stop at SAVA on my way to Knit Wit and Sarah Van Aken (2nd from left) tells me that they had a wonderful night with people in and out. “The best part of FNO is personally interacting with our amazing customers.” Sarah Van Aken, owner of
Coming up for SAVA their annual runway show on 9/19    
Above: Ivy Kaplin, Sarah, Iris Tocker, Caroline Kohler of Kristel Closets, and Allison Schmalz 
Melanie Johnson, City Representative and Rakia Reynolds, Skai Blue Media stopped by nearly every venue having an event at FNO Philly.  The duo is now gearing up for the Philadelphia Collection, 9/13 – 9/20, which occurs a few days after NYFW ends. Seven days of events, fashion shows and fun in Philadelphia. Check out the calendar here. 
I then headed over to Knit Wit, and even though I arrived for the last few minutes of their joint party with Jason Matthews there was still a nice crowd in there.

 Ann Gitter, Knit Wit owner and Stephen Gitter

Nicole Haddad, Brazilian-American fashion and textile designer in Philadelphia with a women’s contemporary clothing line called Lobo Mau.

 Angola Monaco, Concrete Polish – X Rabid Fox Collection jewelery, and Aaron Pierce, Commonwealth Proper
 Katie English and Katie Karlsen

The Philadelphia Collection “Random Red Carpet” viral
community initiative Step and Repeat project will be in two more
locations (September 10th & September 12th) during the month.

Check out Al For’s shots for The Philadelphia Collection Random Red Carpet here: