Headed out to Lancaster County yesterday afternoon to find the Litiz Corn Maze. Was distracted and by the time we got there it was closed. But look at the adventure we had along our way. Mike and Laura at the Morgantown Church Carnival we found along our journey.

 He didn’t find the humor in Laura saying “I see your a guy that wears many hats!”
The following shots were all taken as we drove along the scenic routes. 
Reminds me of a scene from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet

You know I’m obsessed by the Amish. I wish I could live the simple life.
It was Sunday and everyone was wearing their best on their Sunday drive (Did anyone see Breaking Amish last night? What are your thoughts?)
Whether it’s a person or a cow I tend to cut their feet off. Drives me crazy!!
One room school house
I need to be here when a lightning storm comes

Bareback and bare-feet riding

I shot this from about 100 feet away, into a darken barn.

I wish I had gotten a better shot, but I caught the game at the last second as Mike was speeding by

 I highly recommend you visiting Lancaster, there’s a lot to do in addition to enjoying the beauty of the landscape.