Midtown Village Fall Festival 2012 – Faces in the Crowd

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Saturday was the 7th Annual Midtown Village Festival, and the largest ever with activities and vendors on at least 7 blocks surrounding the epicenter. I loved that not only were there vendors representing from the neighborhood, but this year they had a craft area and individual vendors. The more the merrier I say.

The weather was iffy, but the crowds were strong.

The big draw of the day is always RAW’S Sumo Wrestling
Terese Balzereit and Lindsay Melley
Fergie from Fergie’s Pub

I love the diversity of the folks that come out to enjoy the day.

I love when people get into the spirit and wear balloon hats. Now I did try and wait til she looked up, but she never did. She got her message and ran off.

watching peeps in sumo ring

Caroline Boyd and Ken Dunning
OMG I WANT A DOG that looks just like me, well except for that black eye, and well he’s thinner too
Diane Johnson (2nd from right) and Christian DiCicco (r) and friends. Although I do remember she said it was her oldest friend who she met in elementary school.

Jason, PBS DC, Steve McCann, owner of and Mark Segal, owner of Philadelphia Gay News

Miley Cyrus’ favorite tanning salon
Halloween is just around the corner. I need a Big Bird costume.

Meaghan Peeler, Nel Roch and Meredith Setzman. The last time Nel had this much fun it was at the Color Race this past summer.
Brave young lady with the Steelers hat on
 There was a mechanical bull over by Finn McCool’s. Hi to Finn’s parents.
Noel Zayas and Kevin Aldrige
Tammi Sortman, Frannie Price and Malcolm Lazin. Sunday Frannie hosted the annual Outfest Party and I hear it was packed despite the rain. (I was in Atlantic City at Revel Resorts)

I was honored to know Barbara Gittings.  Midtown Village borders on the Gayborhood.

Looks like Jose Garces is not going to build his bratwurst restaurant here

Headed to Chatterblast for their soiree – Tim Adams, Brad, Matt Ray and Justin Pizzi.

If there was every a bad place to put on performance art, it was the epicenter of the festival at 13th and Sansom. What a bottleneck it created. 

Leigh Schmenski and Ben
Rhashidah Perry Jewelry