Bluestone Fine Art Gallery And Center For Creative Works

Bluestone Fine Art Gallery and RHD’s Center for Creative Works presented an exhibition titled OUTSIDER: 1, New Works by the Artists of the Center
for Creative Works, a benefit exhibition. 
It ran for the month of September, and they had a closing reception two weeks ago on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Old City.

Bluestone Fine Art Gallery is a vibrant addition to the Old City visual arts community.  Bluestone
exhibits artists whose works are original, exceptional, and
appropriately priced.  Fine Art is exhibited amongst unique furnishing.
Art enthusiasts and collectors can find the perfect, one of a kind, work
of art for their home or office.  Owner
Pam Regan has a knack for helping clients acquire unique works by
talented artists that will impress and stand the test of time. 

Center for Creative Works is a unique, studio based vocational art program for people with developmental/intellectual disabilities.  At
Center for Creative Works we are committed to an environment in which
our participants learn, engage, create, build skills and take ownership
and pride in their work and in their place in their community.

Many of the artists came with their family to celebrate one last time among their beautiful works of art.

Some people were there to pick up works that they had purchased earlier in the month long exhibit.


 Matthew Correale and mom Debbie Hardimon in front of some of his art work. He also did

this magnificent papermache eagle. Debbie told me that she was so grateful to find this program, and that Matthew really excelled in a field she didn’t realize he truly had a passion for. He also gained a tremendous amount of confidence, and attributes that to the wonderful teachers of the program.

Brittany Thomas, Floyd Anderson and Erica Thomas were there. Erica works at the Center For Creative Works.

Ashley Gearhart and Kevin Roberts both work at the Center.
Sonny, Mary, Natsha and Brenda

Matthew Correale, Lori Bartol, director, Erica Thomas, and teacher Cliff Ward. Lori tells me that the work the students do is viable in a lot of areas. They aren’t only exploring canvas talent, but there’s music, film making and other arts. 

Although the works of art are no longer on display you can contact the gallery if you had seen a piece you wanted to buy.

Morris M Burns, Studio Supervisor, and Jordan Gran, Instructor
student/artist Tim Quinn, (black) and sister Kristin Quinn (red) with their parents

The kids collectively worked on the whale that you see in the far window. The Bluestone Fine Art Gallery can be rented out for special events. It’s a great location, and a sun filled gallery.

Student artists. The Center has an October gallery show at MilkBoy in Ardmore.
Terry Cunniff and Katherine Cunniff

Pam Regan
301 N 3rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106
Direct Line: 856.979.7588
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