Celebrity Sightings: Justin Bieber & Carly Rae Jepsen Sightings In Philly over the Weekend

This past weekend brought Bieber fever to Philadelphia. At one point the Biebs tweeted out this photo, can you tell which hotel he was staying at?

Well lots of his fans figured it out. These days it’s fairly easy with social media and screaming fan girls tweeting their joy to each other, all over the world..

Saturday afternoon Justin Bieber fans were out in force and wandered into Carly Rae Jepsen in Rittenhouse Square, who was shopping at the farmers market, trying on hats I hear, all the while that the Biebs was at the Wells Fargo for sound check

About 7PM these photos popped up on twitter. Seems the one person I told the Biebs was at the Four Season told his cousin and she brought 10 friends to greet him.

By the time I rolled by at 11PM, there was a bevy of fans waiting for the Biebs at the front door, and three fans waiting for him at the side door.

I went to the front of the Four Seasons to chat with fans. Shout out to my new friends on twitter and their moms, so nice to meet you all.  Bummer though, as I took this shot, Justin ran out the side door to a waiting car and sped off, but he did turn to the fans, wave and say hi. Justin sped off towards the Rocky Steps to take in the view of the City. Then 30 minutes later he went in the front door, but left a lot of disappointed fans as he didn’t acknowledge them.

Meet Justin Bieber’s grandparents, who were his chaperone this year.  His bodyguard Kenny was with him too. He spent some time chatting up the fans, but always leaves it up to Justin on what he wants to do with the fans. Kenny headed out to Whisper where he partied on through the end of Daylight Savings Time. Word was he had a great time with Lauren Milstein and her friends.

one fan wrote me: his grandparents came out and talked to us, and they took pictures with each of us. They were so sweet and adorable, i love them. 

The following day, he and his band left the hotel mid-afternoon and headed for the Wells Fargo Center. Justin disappointed a few fans by just running directly onto the bus saying I’m sorry to the fans, I have to go to his fans waiting there, some for as much as 5 hours.

And although the fans told me they were initially upset ie crying hysterical I hear, a few wrote that it was still thrilling to see him up close and personal.

Where he played to a nearly sold out crowd. I heard he lip psyched some of the show. Is that true ladies? Was it because he was dancing or is it because his voice is changing? I’m sure that he will have an easy transition into adult hood.

Before and after the show Justin came out and greeted his fans at the fence. Then before the concert he had a meet and greet with fans who won tickets, or bought meet and greet tickets. When he was at the fence it was a no pixs with or graphs, but he did touch many a fan which touched off a flurry of tweets about him touching them.
touched my hand + spoke to me + I had floor seats = best night of my life! life has been made

My friend touched Justin Bieber’s hand last night at his concert! She rubbed her hand on me..that counts that JB touched me?!


I love this tweet from one of his followers.

Mom: “Can I wash that white vest you wore for the concert yet?”  
Me: “NO Justin Bieber touched that are you CRACKED”
This was a fun one 

the worse that can happen is moshe push me out but at least i can say Justin Bieber‘s body guard touched me

I am happy to say that one lucky young lady, who is suffering from cancer as there are stories about her, was able to meet Justin Bieber because I told her where to go at what time.  

I was surprised there was only 2 professional “fans” there during the weekend. Has Justin cooled off?

 You’ll recall last year I photographed Justin and Selena at the Shops of Liberty Place enjoying a a Monster Smoothie from the shop in the food court. (Just tell them you want the flavor Justin drank & you’ll get it) She wasn’t with him this time so he didn’t take any of those romantic walks. Maybe in December when he comes back for the Q102 Jingle Ball.  BTW he doesn’t stay at the Four Seasons during that tour. Follow me on twitter @iphillychitchat for the latest celebrity sightings and what’s happening in Philly.