I love that thousands of Harry Potter fans gathered for another awesome weekend of celebrating the famed story book hero, right here in Philadelphia in the Chestnut Hill

Harry and other costumed characters from the novels
and retailers transformed into Hogsmeade
activities for Harry Potter fans of all ages along the Avenue
 Roy Miyahara showing off his Gagnam style, and EJ both of Diamond
 Harpist – Candace Lark of Lark Music Studios provided music for the crowds that walked along Germantown Ave

There were lots of things for kids and families to do.
 Tony and Erin Talbert and family are big Harry Potter fans, and now share that interest with their kids
participated in some of the events that occurred during the weekend including a “Defense Against the Dark
Arts” class, “The Hunt for the Horcrux” scavenger hunt, a make-your-own
Muggle-wand station, and a “sorting hat” ceremony.
 Chestnut Hill College’s Mask and Foil Troupe: Hermione Granger,
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Rita Skeeter, Luna Lovegood, and Severus
Snape helped carry the theme of the weekend by appearing at many of the events.

 Third Annual Brotherly Love Quiddich Tournament: took place on the majestic ground of Chestnut Hill College and featured a 16 collegiate and community Quiddich
teams from across the nation.

 Severus Snape and Neville Longbottom
 Lynn Middleton of Whispering Woods animal rescue
 Peggy Schmidt and Andrea Berger of The Bone Appetite
 Lisa Sammons and Cristina Wuenschel
Professor Dumbledore and Hermione Granger

Harry Potter Weekend was sponsored by the Chestnut Hill Business Association. The next theme weekend in Chestnut Hill will be Dickens
Weekend on Dec. 8 and 9. 
Check out the exciting opening ceremonies on PhillyChitChat here
Can’t wait to see what they do next year.
Great job on executing the event: Christie Honigman, of the Honigman Group
for the PR Kathleen English Communications, LLC
for the PR and Organization Harry Potter in Chestnut Hill