Philly’s Next Reality Star U.S. Rep. Bob Brady at Famous Fourth Street Deli on Election Day 2012

I’ve been reading for years about the famed political luncheons at the Famous Fourth Street Deli in South Philly on on Primary and Election Day. I couldn’t wait to go this year, and wow did it deliver. The political power in the room was palpable. 

Owner Russ Cowan and daughter Emily Cowan.

When I arrived many politicians in office and out of office took part in the traditional lunch.

Hungry to talk shop about the turn out so far, and for the gigantic sandwiches that the Fourth Street Deli offers.


 In the front row tables, these were the seats most visible as people came through the doors, were former DA Lynn Abraham and Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia political commentator Eleanor Dezzi

Councilwomen Jannie Blackwell came in with her posse and her trademark sunglasses on

Larry Platt and Stephanie Singer, Chair of Philadelphia City Commissioners
David L Auspitz – The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company and  State Rep Michael H. O’Brien.
David L Auspitz owned the Fourth Street Deli when the tradition of the political lunch started 

Philadelphia Gay Newspaper publisher/owner Mark Segal greets State Rep Michael H. O’Brien (shaking Mark’s hand) across from City Commissioner Stephanie Singer. The buzz was that Congressman Bob Brady would be coming in with a camera crew, either to do a documentary one person told me, or a reality show as a sitting politician told me. Look for  Register of Wills Ron Donatucci to come in as they were driving together.

Electricians union business manager John Dougherty proudly wearing his Eagles jacket.
Register of Wills Ron Donatucci and his son Ron Jr arrived no sign of oh wait

 Former Daily News editor Larry Platt (l) Rep. Bob Brady and film crew. At the table is political operative Micah Mahjoubian, the new PGN Editor Jenn Catelli and Mark Segal in the hat.

Former City Controller Jonathan Saidel greets Councilman James Kenney
Rep. Bob Brady greets lawyer Dawn Tancredi sitting at the Donatucci table

I was wondering why Jonathan Saidel was in such a jovial mood today, as he can be a bit somber and private, he was mike’d for the reality/documentary for Bob Brady.


 Greg Ross and Buzz Bissinger

State Sen. Larry Farnese and crew. At one point Jonathan Saidel came over and said to Farnese “You got my vote Larry!!”

Al Spivey Jr, Chief of Staff at City Council-Philadelphia,  Councilmans Jim Kenney and Councilman Curtis Jones Jr.

Councilman Bill Green, Mark Segal and Micah Mahjoubian