2012 Philly RAW Artist Awards at G Lounge – Fashion, Fun & Frolic

This week I was busy, out of town, getting no sleep, writing columns for my other outlets, working with lots of clients, tweeting too much and watching gossip girls from season 1 to current.  Thank you so much for a fantastic, super dooper week, even though I was tardy every day. Next week I will catch up.

Last night the RAW Artist Awards were held at G lounge in Philadelphia. I’ve covered this monthly event several times on PCC, as each show or exhibition is new and exciting. Raw Artist is a national organization, every last Thursday in Cities across the nation they put on a show celebrating art and it’s creative industries like fashion, art, music, make up and hair. It’s a 18+ ; 21 to drink.  Fashionable attire kinda night & did I mention fun?  $15.00 online, $20.00 at the door. For those people who say they can never meet anyone, well let your hair down and come to one of these events. They’re laid back, non-pretentious and from all walks of life.

Maria Papadakis is co-host of this monthly event, along with Frederick Calalang who is the City Director for RAW of the Philadelphia Raw Artists. Visiting from NYC and acting as a the fashion judge Joy Adaeze Style Blogger for, Fashion Stylist, former style blogger, Visionary, Vintage Fanatic
Instagram: joy_adaeze.

Also on hand last night was Mariel Rojo, she competted in the RAWards 2011 Fashion Designer of the Year last year, and brought it home to Philly!!! with Joseph Balestra

It was crowded.

Alloyius McIlwaine CEO/Founder and lead Clothing Designer of Cultures Clothing Co.:

Orlando Caquias

Kristin Eissler



Jennifer Sweeten – Nail Art

Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Sweeten – Nail Art

Philadelphia, PA

Dawn Robinson Nocturnal Echo Imagery

Kari Marton-Rollins

Philadelphia, PA

Kari Marton-Rollins – Winner Photographer 2012

Philadelphia, PA

Film Maker 2012

Kenneth Kraft

Philadelphia, PA

Visual Artist of the Year – Center, and behind her.

Chroma Dolls

Philadelphia, PA

Accessories –

Ella Kolanowska

Hair stylist of the year –

Clifford Scott

Philadelphia, PA

Samantha Klein – The Facestylist

Martina Krane – Raw Artist Stage Manager

Muscian 2012
June Divided

I do love this song. This band is going big time.

Fashion Designer

Autumnlin x Heartless Revival

Raw Artist is growing in popularity, so much so that in 2013 it will be held at Lit at 2nd and Spring Garden every last Thursday of the night. I’m so bummed as it was an easy stop off for me on my nightly excursions, but I will make it a destination because it really is one of those unique events that Philadelphian’s celebrate. It’s open to the public so check it out. The last show at G Lounge is 12/13/12

Our beloved Holiday RAWk!  A chance to Shop with our artists as they
bring you artistic, fashionable and rockin’ gifts for you and the ones
you love.  Shop, drink and be merry while you enjoy our Live Music, Art,
and Runways.

18+, 21 to drink.  tickets just $10 online, $15.00 at the door.

Mr Williams my cab driver singing a song. He told me that he knows everyone that works the door at my building and unfortunately one of them was there at 130AM and interrupted his song. He gave me his number so he can pick me up next time.