FridayNightFashion: Big Rube – Lips and Heelz Photo Exhibition Party

Last Friday night Replica Creative – The Hub of Creativity (& the producer of my business cards and cute name tag I wear around my neck) hosted it’s Friday night series (3rd Friday), Replica After Dark. This month they featured StreetGazer’s, Philly Daily News Fashion snapper Reuben “Big Rube” Harley’s Lips & Heelz Photo Exhibit.

Fashionable friends found themselves at the Friday night soiree. As well as many of the ladies who have found themselves on the opposite side of lens and are now hanging on the wall of the super modern printing company.

 Big Rube and his ladies: DeAnna Allen from, Zsavon Rameur,, Diane Godlewski and Shanyah Wright

The Replica Team: Kenneth Howard AKA Bigken, Erica aka Puppy Chow, Gregaliscious, Supa-sta Larry Griuffa, Lauren Dove and Juan Nino

 Reggie Berry, Big Rube and Jacky Wright

Eric Grad told me he likes Big Rube’s style, plus the color contrast of his shots. Shariff says he loves that Rube loves what he’s doing. You can really appreciate his style if you watch him work.

Stylin’ Scott Persuhn
 Many of the photos featured in the month long exhibit are his signature
shots of ladies legs; sometimes holding their delicately designed hose
between their finger tips.  
Kourtne Johnson and Tiffany Miller
The gals tell me when they see his work they think, I can wear that.
 Joe Diorio checking out Big Rube’s Polaroid snapshots. NSFW if you had a magnifying glass.

Replica Creative is a design + print firm dedicated to providing the highest
quality print and multimedia marketing materials. The company’s guiding
principles are Integrity, Strategic Discipline and Service Excellence.

Simon “One Punch” Carr, Don Steinberg, Wall Street Journal Entertainment Writer, Becky Batcha, Philly Daily News Editor, Big Rube

Donald Carter
 Cinthya Vong (craving a Kale smoothie today?) and Jacob Alvarez has a cool tat that says “nothing short of” and then someone interrupted me as he was telling me about it. Next time.

 Stacey Kracher, Zarwin Baum marketing department and Monique Andes, IBX
 Keith Leaphart, Owner / Brand Manager at Replica Creative (center)

REPLICA PRINTING Address: 35 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: (215) 567-7107 Hours:Mon-Fri 8:30am–5pm Sat-Sun Closed.

Check out freshflickz video below