Photos: GO SEE KATIE COURIC Winners & Trip

Last week if you were following my Twitter @iphillychitchat you would have read about my trip to NYC with 6ABC to with the winners from the “GO SEE KATIE” sweepstakes.

It was a smashing success with over 4,000 entries! They picked 20 winners who could bring a guest to the event. Afterwards we ate dinner in the ABC Studios cafeteria. We didn’t see anyone in person, but there were a lot of ABC stars hanging around on the wall. Diane Sawyer, Kelly and Michael, etc

A few of the peeps on the trip included: Maria Ioannides, Mike Monsell, producer 6ABC, Alicia
Vitarelli, anchor,  Megan Egan, Courtney Ann Conigliaro
and Kristy Sevag, 6ABC PR Rep Sevag Creative. They taped 3 shows that day. One was on on Friday. Today it’s

Mo 11/19: Sally Field, Tony Bennett and Tuesday Giuliana & Bill Rancic, and Lauren Scruggs, the gal who walked into the plane’s propeller last year. Now I understand how that happened.

 After the trip I went back to the studio with Alicia to pick up donations from her co-workers for her family who lives on Staten Island. They were very generous. While I was there Brian Taff, Anchor, gave me a tour of the studio. WOW I was so impressed with the state of the art studio, as well as seeing the legendary Jim Gardner at work. I still can’t believe he knows my name.