Last night I attended two events, well three actually. In between two of the events I popped my head into Barclay Prime to check out the Philly Style Magazine Party feting cover boy and Overbrook native MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

I also ran into Jimmy Contreras and Matthew Vlahos, both principles of Vlahos PR. Plus it was Jimmy’s birthday, Happy Happy.

David Neff, Neffs & Assocs., Tony Rufo, Drew Milstein, and Jenine Neff. Last week I was out at one of Neff’s clients, The Wurzak, covering the opening of their new hotel The Sheraton. I did a column on it over at

 Lisa Guadio and Carrie Brescia. Thanks to Lisa for donating tickets to see Jersey Boys, book & CD to my event tonight at Flemings Steakhouse in Marlton at 6:30PM which I hold in honor of my sister Judy.
 Kim Perri-Medini and Ashley Belles.  
 Kristen Johanson and Michael Craig
Pennsylvania House of Representatives Brian Sims and Mark Staubaugh
 Kathy Zapp, Laurel Fairworth and Liz Shapiro – Happy Birthday Liz!!
Stu Bykofsky, guest of John B. Kelly III and John B. Kelly III, nephew to Princess Grace and Kelly Drive is named after his father.

 Elaine Graber
Kristin Munroe, Editor of Philadelphia Style Magazine and Gina Principato
 Christian Dyer, Blaire Baron, Renee and Don Freeman
 Marlene Brennan Ferguson. Did I mention how incredible packed it was, like no other party before it. Shout out to Kaitlyn McCrea, Cashman & Associates who was in charge of press for the event and did a great job.
 Craig Spitzer and Chris Matthews

Congratulations to Craig and Erin on their bouncing baby boy who should arrive in February. Check out my column today on the Marian Anderson Awards, which was the other event I attended last night. (should be live by 11AM)