Zarwin Baum & Little Smiles Toy Drive or What Would Joe Conklin Look Like With hair?

My heart is heavy today, as I’m sure it is for all of you. Praying for peace, and keeping 20 little kids, their brave teachers, and their loved ones in my thoughts.   


Zarwin Baum clients and guests came out in full force to support the Little Smiles Toy Drive at their offices last week by bringing an unwrapped toy or donating money to the purchase of toys for kids in the Delaware Valley. All proceeds will go to support the Little Smiles Foundation, a
nonprofit organization that provides toys, games, computers, VIP
outings, concert tickets and much more for children in local hospitals.
In Philadelphia, the efforts of Little Smiles go to support the children
at CHOP.

Shariff Street, Attorney at Zarwin Baum, Sheriff Jewell Williams and Mitchell Kaplan, Partner at Zarwin Baum

 Christian DiCicco, Attorney at MyPhillyBankruptcy, former Councilman Frank DiCicco and Anthony V. Mannino, Farnese Chief of Staff. The  DiCicco’s tell me their holiday tradition was to help others. No longer do they exchange gifts, but instead they donate money to charities that help people who are in need. I asked if Christian’s fiance Diane Johnson was on board with that? “She’s not in the family yet, she’ll get a gift.” 

Rebecca J. Grausam – Zarwin Baum, Darwin R. Beauvais Zarwin Baum and Natalia Gamarra, International Tourism Sales Manager at Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

 Thomas Mullin, PNC, Holly Kinser,  Ray Pennacchia, Senior Vice President at NovaCare Rehabilitation, Aida Sparta (loved playing with her maek-up Barbie head) and Stacey Kracher

 Mitch Kaplan greets guests, and introduces them to Tim and Brendan Smith (B*Smith Catering) who have been providing the delicious food served at the Zarwin Baum events over the past few years. Events at which the firm has raised over $150,000 for various charities. Joe Conklin hit the stage right afterwards and was hysterical in his dialog, but I have a great shot and story of him below.

Steve Grandizio, co-founder of the Philadelphia Chapter of Little Smiles, a non-profit organization that provides toys, games, concert
tickets, celebrity meetings, and more to children in local hospitals,
hospices, and shelters.
 Frank McGee and Aaron Friedman (Hi Abbie, I still owe you a picture I know.)

Cary Simons told me her fav toy as a child was Strawberry Shortcakes, and she still has them stashed in her mom’s basement with her brother’s Star Wars collection. WIP’s Creative Services Director and part-time on-air personality Brian Haddad‘s prized possession was his $6 Million Dollar action figure, don’t call it a doll. He was also into Lego’s but kept talking about Steve Austin’s super power.
The event raised over $1200 and collected
over 150 toys

 John Katrina,  Katrina Consulting, Stacie Johnson, Attorneys Demetrius J. Parrish, Jr., and Giovanni O. Campbell,

 Megan Smith, Brownstone Pr, Carl Cherkin, Vice President, Business Relations, Philadelphia Union and Charnelle Hicks, President at CHPlanning, Ltd.

Brian Haddad helps out so I can see what WIP’s funnyman Joe Conklin would look like with hair, and completing that look is the hot Stacey Kracher (Zarwin Baum Marketing Manager) on his arm.