Sunday was my 21st Anniversary of being Sober

21 years ago I walked through the doors of an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting and saved my life. If you think you have an alcoholic problem, you can save your life too. Life will get better. Mine did. It’s not easy, the hardest step is admitting you have a problem. No one can do it for you. I could tell you my story, but if you’re an alcoholic it’s your story too, and it ends in despair and broken promises. That all changed for me on December 16, 1991.  I would not be alive today if I hadn’t had a speck of hope that there was a different path I could be on, a path others had told me about, but I ignored for a long time, until that Monday night when I walked through the doors of AA. Within a year my life began to change; within two years I was back in school, I was on good terms with the family unit, had a steady job and didn’t have to dodge bill collectors calling.  If your an alcoholic, your new life can begin now! If I was able to quit drinking in the middle of the 1991 holiday parties and before New Year’s Eve, you can too. (Looking back I was probably setting myself up to fail, maybe even hoping I would fail, but with all the support & tools of which AA is, I was able to make it through the holidays and all these years. My greatest achievement of which I am so proud.)

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Philadelphia.
How do you know if you’re an alcoholic 

– HughE

P.S. if you’re not an alcoholic, party on.