Last Day Paranoia: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Today is essentially the last day for Paranoia to film in Philadelphia.

Today they are at 12th and Market Streets filming in the Loews Hotel all interior shots.

The trailers are on 12 and Chestnut. That’s where the confusion lies, yesterday someone wrote OLV and said they were filming here, but they’re not it’s where the trailers are, although this would be a great place to stand if you wanted to meet Liam and or Miley. They’re filming into the evening, probably around 8PM. Then I would guess they would all go out to dinner somewhere together. (of course if you’ve been following me on Twitter and PCC I’ve always given you clues on how you could meet them, and many of you have done very well. Yesterday I told you on Twitter I would get confirmation that she was in town, and when it came through I tweeted it out. Within two hours …)

A few of my readers followed my clues, plus did some sleuthing on their own and scored big last night with a photo of Miley and Liam. I’d be that happy too if I just killed it at Vh1 and spent some time in the trailer with my beau.
Congrats to Carissa and her friends for following my advice, everything went well and each of the girls got an individual shot with their idols. Good luck to you all, remain calm, stand in the open and don’t rush them. (near the corner, maybe in front of the window of that store on the right.) Also I’ll have a wrap up on Paranoia on Friday, as you know I have a lot of fun tidbits to tell you.Hope to see you out there today.