Mid Afternoon LOL: Philly Phunny Instagram, Tweets & Tidbits

I’m on the internet a lot, it’s my job. I come across funny and interesting articles and usually share or retweet them, but I’ve come to find some of my readers aren’t on Twitter, or Instagram. So once in awhile I’m gonna share these funny and interesting social media tidbits here on PhillyChitChat. YOU CAN CLICK ON PIXS TO MAKE LARGER, just sayin’

Recently I’ve mentioned on Twitter how Sabir M. Peele @MensStylePro is one to watch. He’s got a great social media prescence and blog about fashion. Fashion he wears, and that others wear. His wife takes most of the photos, and is pretty fashionable herself. Check out Sabir Christmas morning. Now that is enough to scare Santa away.

Seems actor and singer-songwriter Logan Henderson had a problem with American Airlines and he let his over one million readers know it. Two days later AA made it all better and tweeted it so. I like how he used very similar wording for both tweets.

 Opps Jimmy Contreras thinks Steve Highsmith needs a stylist. Guess his sweater was taking all the joy out of the Mummers Parade.

Larry Mendte’s new year got off to a bad start.

 So funny Michele Paiva has learned a lot during her flu stint. Last week Philebrity noted that Philly is knee high in the flu epidemic. Remember wash your hands, and if you’re sick, stay home. I will I promise.

 The Shops of Liberty Place are having lots of sales, especially at Express where I got a shot of a lady that seemed at any moment she’d fall into the sales box.

 Philly Inquirer’s Craig LeBann reviewed Sbraga again, and again gave them 2 Bells. In honor of the review @benfileccia is wearing his @craiglebann 2 Bells proudly on his lapel . I just found out that the twitter name for Sbraga is @Sbraga_Dining in case you ever go there and want to tweet about it. It was the first time I ate there and it was delicious. Really. I went with my friend Carol Drumstas and she concurred. Tasting menu was $49 and we were full.

 I am having a exhibition of 5 years of my photos at Replica Creative on 1/16/13 and have been reviewing 5 years of photos. I found this one of Sharon Pinkenson in 2007 and Instagrammed it. I like it.
My Instagram is PhillyChitChat – I just joined after another photographer from the Inky and a few others told me I should. It’s fun.