Slow Week In Philly: Wrap Up New Years & Tidbits

The New Year is nearly a week old. How are those resolutions going? Today is the day I am starting my resolutions, as I have all my “family and friends” parties out of the way. It’s odd I was able to quit drinking those two decades ago during the holidays as I saw disaster looming, but as for my “diet” I needed to get passed my cousin Debbie & Dave’s family reunion which was Sunday. Now I am ready for another serious try and losing some weight. January and February really are good months to start that as my social calendar is fairly light, except for every Saturday night. This week there’s the Lemon Ball, next week the Auto Show & Hair of the Dog, then it’s the Academy Ball.(ooh BTW I wrote this for Monday and well forgot to hit publish. It’s all good. Have a great day, oh and check out my PhillyMag column today for the Michael Vick Team Vick Cocktail Party. Go to after you read this, and you’ll see they put my photo on the left hand side with a link to my columns. I love it, so much easier to find them now. You’ll like the stories, and a list of a few upcoming events with interesting peeps. Plus Kiajfa looks fabulous!!)

Here are a few shots from New Year’s Eve that didn’t land in my other outlets for one thing or another. Thanks to the Penns Landing Corporation for inviting mike and I to the party on Penns Landing to see the fireworks and enjoy some treats. Mike and I are huge fireworks fans. We’ve seen the show from every conceivable angle on Penns Landing, but from the VIP tent area, and it was quite a treat.

The theme of the early fireworks was “THE
FIRE WITHIN”, which when explained to me seemed as if we were to
metaphorically burn sage to rid ourselves of any bad entity that
enveloped us in 2012. Out with the old, and in with the new

 It was there I ran into my good friend Greta Greenberger, City Hall Tour Guide Rm 121. I’ve spoken about Greta before, which was about how we’ve been friends for over 15 years. Before I was PCC I lived vicariously through her tales of the City, events and people never thinking that one day I would be covering them. Sadly now I don’t see her as often as I did in those years. We’d have lunch at least once if not twice a week, and occasional see each other outside of the day. In fact the other day I came across a few photos of her and her husband Greta I had taken over the years, as you know I am preparing for a 5 year retrospect of pixs from PCC for a show at Replicia Creative on 18th St on 1/16/13 at 6PM, hope you’ll come by. (The photos will remain up there for a month in case you can’t make it.)

Alan and Greta Greenberger circa 2003 at one of my famous dinner parties, which I never have anymore. Altho another 2013 Resolution is to re-connect with friends, call my current friends, and create a few new ones.  Building my business didn’t allow much time for actual friend time, although I have met a lot of nice people.

 Tom Corcoran, President of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation,
Michael DiBerardinis is Deputy Mayor for Environmental and Community
Resources in Philadelphia and Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for
Economic Development

, President & CEO at GPTMC, Mayor Michael Nutter and Joan
Chief Operating Officer of Mural Arts 

 Dan Reinherz, KYW1060’s Hadas Kuznits, Cari Feiler Bender  President  Relief Communications, LLC

 and Mike Toub
Then it was over to Jen Carroll’s for a small, family friend get together. At the bottom of this entry I’ll have a link to my Philly Mag column and that party.  Loved the view from her condo of the fireworks.

New Year’s Day I woke up bright and early and headed to Center City to catch
the Mummer’s Parade, a tradition I’ve done since I was a kid. I like to
watch the parade for a bit, then hit up some parties and watch the rest
on TV all the way up to the Fancies inside the Pennsylvania Convention
Center. First I walk along the route to see who who’s out and about. I
heard my name and there on top of the SugarHouse bus travelling up Broad
Street was singer Eddie Bruce, with granddaughter Mady and her bubby
Kristi Horwitz.
Starting tonight at 8PM, and every Thursday night, at
SugarHouse Casino it’s Eddie Bruce & Friends.  Thanks to SugarHouse Casino for the Fireworks and the Mummer’s Parade.

Inside the Kimmel I found Helga Bacon (l) guarding the Sharpies so that
guests could fill out the gigantic 2013 Resolution Board. Dafni Comerota
and her daughter Elise. Last night I saw the Le Miz 25th anniversary
production which is part of the Kimmel Center Broadway Series. It was
the first time I’d ever seen it, and it’s as good as everyone says. It
will be interesting to see it as a movie now. (Jan. 2-Jan. 13) edit

I caught up with Mike Marsico, his lovely wife Renee Gilinger near the
Spicy Black Bean Burger give a way booth. Seems Morningstar Farms would
like all the Monday’s in 2013, to be meatless. BTW I was invited to the Friends and Family pop up holiday restaurant Sophia’s 1623 E. Passyunk Ave. It opens in the Spring. Mike and I had a delicious meal, I had Chef Christopher Lee’s Bronzino and really enjoyed it especially the Bok vegetable medley.

In the afternoon I headed to Tania and Marc Schades annual party at the Ritz
Residences. Delicious food by Miles Catering, and the company was the
best. I settled in in front of the TV and finished watching the last two
hours of the parade.

This past Saturday night I went to a birthday party, and ran into two attorney’s I used to work for in my previous life as a paralegal at Kohn, Swift & Graf. Barbara L. Moyer, with hubby Colin Gibson, and Hadley Perkins Roeltgen with hubby Michael  Roeltgen.  So fun to catch up with them. Tonight (1/7/13) I begin my winter “social calendar” with the Michael Vick Team 7 Charity event at Tashan conveniently at 7. Find that column in PhillyMag tomorrow, and check out the Jen Carroll party & other chefs I ran into on New Year’s HERE

 CTO Artists would be perfect for your next event. Crooner Eddie Bruce and his band were the band of choice at the Papadakis/Kent Wedding in November. Plus they have 2 other bands to choose from, as well as DJ’s and other options. Check out their site for Info and music samples: Here