Kiehl’s Closing to make Way For a mini & Takeout Service

Zoink The story that got away I tweeted this yesterday on my way to Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia at 8:45AM, when I should have posted this photo last week with the info (I was in a brain fog I guess. If you want to get the story out you gotta do it when it happens), which I took on 1/3/12. 

I was planning to have lunch yesterday at to get the story which is they’re planning a 35 seat mini eatery, with TAKEOUT, for all your favorite dishes and new ones, raw I hear, similar to the Raw Bar. (When I read the notice on the window that says, 35 seats, I was thinking it has to be stools, the space is tiny)  With takeout,  the AKA guests will also get room service, even though they have full kitchen services in their beautiful suites. (No longer will Colin Farrell need to come down to the dining room to grab a bite.)

 Update I was on my way to lunch yesterday and captured this shot of movers taking stuff out of Kiehl’s and a lady reading the notice. It says Kiehl’s is moving nearby temporarily, then heading to a permanent spot. You can find them at the end of the month at the Shops of Liberty Place, across from Saxby’s coffe shop, which is at the corner of 16th and Chestnut.  You’ll see it as it has large windows on 2 sides facing the Children’s Place.

Don’t fear, the very popular Kiehls is moving to The Shops at Liberty Place. Where on 1/18/13 Brian Dawkins will appear at the Sports Cave to sign autographs.