D’Angelo’s Hosts the NATALIE FINK ACQUISITION ACADEMY for Autism Charity Event

 Natalie Fink wants to help kids, especially kids with autism.  For many years I suspect autism was misdiagnosed, but now that doctors have a better understanding of the behavioral condition more and more services are coming on board to assist families and their children. (I have relatives with autism and see first hand how many of these services make a difference in a child’s life)

 Natalie Fink and Sal D’Angelo. Natalie tells me when opened, the NFFA will provide a one on one teacher to student ration for kids between the ages of 5 and 10. The mission of the agency was developed from the context
that individuals and their families need the appropriate services to ensure
that their child with disabilities is provided comprehensive educational
services so that their child can lead independent, healthy and an emotionally stable
life when they become an adult. 

Many individuals and families struggle because
they do not know how to access services. It is the goal of NFAA to give children and their families the tools to
lead successful lives and to provide ongoing support to ensure continuity and
consistency in the management of their lives.

Board Members include: George Sfedu, Carlos Hoz De Villa, Christina Fink, Sal D’Angelo, Ben Reiff and David Weathington

 Carlos Hoz De Villa and Debbie Rody
 There was an auction too. A signed Frank Sinatra album, holy cow. $700. Well worth it if you’re an Ol’ Blue Eyes Fan.
 Justin Bieber
 Natalie Fink, Luara Lombardo and Dale Yorker

Some of these items up for auction are provided by an auction house, where they put a price on the item, then the event organizers do a mark up. The mark up price is the portion that goes to the charitable event. If the item doesn’t sell, the item goes back to the auction house. It’s a very efficient service for a silent auction.

 You often get great items, I saw a Barbara Striesand signed CD and photo for $475, very reasonable since she rarely signs as she’s fairly reclusive. There was a Ted Williams signed baseball, it was $525.  The best buy of the evening was a signed Sopranos framed poster, signed by the cast. Starting bid only $100. When that show was on the air, it would have sold for $1,000

 Raquel Kay and Vincent Young
 Arden Rose Neff, Sal D’Angelo and Elaine Neff
 Brian Blasy and Tonya Sears
 Sharon Ball – a volunteer for the  NATALIE FINK ACQUISITION ACADEMY
  Debbie Rody and David Grasso. Click here for more info on the NATALIE FINK ACQUISITION ACADEMY