Catch it if you can, Catch Me If You Can at the Academy of Music through January 20

Mike Toub and Dominic Fortuna (Frank Abagnale, Sr.)
We caught him as we were waiting for the bus and he was headed out for a bite to eat. He wanted something close, I told him to try Perch Pub. He was really great in the show. He told us he loves playing to the Philly audience as they are always appreciative.

I saw on Instagram yesterday that my friend 6ABC’s Alicia Vitarelli was doing a piece on the show for the 4pm telecast TODAY. These are the chorus dancers, and are a huge part of the musical. When I first heard they were making the movie “Catch Me If You Can” into a musical, I couldn’t imagine how that would translate, but it does, well too with a little imagination. It’s kinda amazing to understand in detail how Frank Abagnale was able to pass off so many bad checks, and it’s done to music, singing and dancing. Go see it.
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