Ten/Six Club: Burning Up Walnut Street and The Dance Floor

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Earlier this month The Walnut Street Club closed in order to re-brand itself emerging at The Ten Six Club, 1709 Walnut St.


 The Cashman & Associates execute another memorable night for the taste-makers & VIP’s of Philly. Keeping the door on lock down are the gate keepers at the entrance to Philly’s newest hotspot Ten/Six Vlub. You’ve got to be on the list, which was an impressive 5 pages long.  Just when I was getting tired of all the lounges opening up in Center City Joe Beckham and Giancarlo Dipasquale open up a little spot catering to those of us who want a little more chill with a dance floor, than some of the bigger spots in the City.

The United Way’s Meaghan Brown & Trish Cashman

 In the front room, which you can rent for private parties, I found Kristin Alexander, Jarett Giesler, Jessica Annas, Jeff Miller, Debbie Sloan and Rob Schrader

 Thanks to this crew for stopping by my 5 Year Retrospective Photos Exhibition of HughE Dillon 
the exhibit is at Replica Creative 33 s 18th Street til 2/15/13. Check out their services, especially their peel on/off the wall Step & Repeat. No more metal contraptions.
David Neff, Mike Jerrick, Fox 29, Marisa Magnatta, WMMR – & hostess with the mostess at Hair of the Dog Saturday Night, and Vasiliki Tsouris, Opa Restaurant. Kristen Johanson, CBS3 was there in spirit.

 Ashley Taylor, Scott Shuster and Blair Ago. We just photographed Blair with a hot group at the Lemon Ball over the weekend, did you see that column at PhillyMag

 Jennifer Graebel? I think that’s what I heard across the bar. I hear she’s going to the Hair of the Dog on Saturday.

Shot from the front of 10/6
Randyl Case (Happy Birthday Month) and Nichole LeShea

Marc D. Leone, Jason Cooper and Jason Bock, and P. Brandon Fox, the last three guys from Michael Salove Reality. 

 Erin Elmore, Stephanie Rybczyk (or as I like to call her my new dance partner), Heather Heo and Janice Lim
 Elizabeth Wellington, Philadelphia Inquirer’s fashion guru

 Greg Davis, Jennifer Gomex, Danielle Triplett, Nicole and Gar Giles. Great to see these peeps, especially Nicole, I never see her anymore since she’s settled into happy married bliss. Earlier in the evening they caught the screening of Reelblack Presents’s The Night JB Saved Boston, opening soon.

Jeff Kurz, Sean Brace, Jesse Rendell and Louis Abrams

Sadie Sadie Married Ladies: Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne and Jill Rizen, just got hitched in a beautiful ceremony on a private beach in Miami and with Michelle Ranieri, and Alisa Martino

Tearing up the dance floor were Nicole, Molly and Carly
Perry O’Hara, Melissa McGee and Niki Hawkins, Producer of FYI

 DJ Marcellus keeping the dance floor packed, playing tunes from Like A Virgin, to Adele – Set Fire To The Rain to rock tunes mixed in. Really great, something for everyone. Now that I think of it the space reminds me of Pearl, but the opening was as exciting as Denim.

No longer lonely on the dance floor at Ten/Six
Ian Michael Crumm, 
(if someone had asked me for a list of fashionable people in Philly this month, I would have put him on it too). Instead of a tie, he fashions a pocket square at the neckline. Very clever and stylish.
Randyl Case, Center City District

The only drawback is the bathrooms are on the other side of the dance floor. Now for me I’m not looking to cop a feel from anyone as they make their way across the crowded dance floor, but I did see more than my share of groping. No doubt a few people who arrived alone didn’t leave alone after going to the bathroom.

Philebrity’s Joey Sweeney, and college friend, co-owner Giancarlo Dipasquale and Conor Corcoran, Esq.

 If spending the entire night on the dance floor wasnt a high enough for me, seeing Erin Como (r) walk in was the stratosphere. As you know my good friend is working at Fox 17 in Nashville. She’s in this weekend for her birthday and all our friends are hitting up Hair of The Dog. (Tickets still available). Also always great to see John Walker (center) and Nicole Rossi.

The Crew. It never gets old, and neither do they.

Men of Style: Sean Olubodun & Duke of Duke & Winston, Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Associates and Nigel Richards, The 611 Lifestyle

Ten Six Club
Follow them on Twitter : @
Established January 2013.
1709 Walnut Street 2nd Floor

Philadelphia, PA


At first I thought wow is the club open 10 to 6, I would love it. No it’s
an ode to the Mad Hatter who’s hat cost ten shillings sixpence to make.
Someone please ask the owners
Joe Beckham and Giancarlo Dipasquale, what that means to them, I was too busy enjoying the club to think that deeply.