Hair of the Dog Bro’ Dance Off Video, Michael Jackson’s Shoes & Link to my PhillyMag Column

Philadelphia’s swanky Hair O’ the Dog celebrated its 19th year on Saturday, January 19th at the Loews Hotel.

There was also a sports auction as well as these Michael Jackson memorabilia. For $25,000 each you could own Michael Jackson’s coat, the right and/or left shoe, all which were signed. (I shot this about 1:15AM, at that time there was a $25,000 bid on one of the pairs of shoes)

Sometime after I took the shot above these shoes, they disappeared from the auction area.

Update: Stop the presses Michael Jackson’s Shoes have returned. Martino Cartier, Martino Cartier Salon (who donated the shoes for the Hair of the Dog auction the sales benefit Friends Are By Your Side), Kenneth Moton, 6ABC, and Dan Cronin, Chorus Communications, as well as co-founder of The Hair of the Dog Gala. Seems three drunk guys carted off the shoes, got into a random limo to the after party with some random girls, then left the shoes behind as their minds wandered from the shoes into a different direction.

At the end of the night everyone let their hairdown at the Hair of the Dog Gala and danced off.

PS sorry I didn’t run into Buffy Morgan, Director of Chorus Communications (r), last night. She did an awesome job with Jen Sherlock putting on this whole thing. Every year it’s bigger, better and the most talked about event. Also in this picture Megan Heaton, realtor, guest and Lindsay Furman, Model. Check out my photos in my PhillyMag Column HERE.