Snowy Friday Surprises & Santa Hats

Finally snow. If there’s anything a photographer loves it’s the falling snow, then right after that we want virgin snow ie no yellow snow or footprints

 I went to the Bellevue yesterday to grab some lunch, when I came out at 4PM it had begun to snow and the streets were covered all ready. I was pleasantly surprised.


 I ran over to the Shops at Liberty Place to pick up my tails for tonight’s Academy Ball, and saw this young lady slip on the snow. Chivarly is not dead as her boyfriend lifted her up in his arms to finish carrying her across the street.

Then I met up with my friend fashion blogger/stylist Ian Michael Crumm to explore the city in snow with our cameras. After we grabbed a bite to eat we headed out to my favorite spot, Rittenhouse Sq. (arggh footprints all over) Oh well the trees were still full of the fluffy stuff, the sidewalk was wet, people filled the park and it was great.
In theory I love this shot on the phone, but do you think it’s too blurry?

This is my favorite spot in Rittenhouse Square, the Tribute to Love Statue.

  In past year’s I have festoned it with Santa hat’s and sent them out as Christmas cards.

Actually nothing was sacred in that park that day. I never liked the shot of the Lion with the hat on, and well it was too icy in the fountain for me to decorated the Duck Lady.

 City Lights. I never get tired of shooting the Square.

Then we headed home. Couldn’t believe the snow at the Rodin Museum remained virtially untouched on the grounds on the museum and I was able to get some great shots. Check out this new application that just came out. It’s going to revolutionize Social Media. This I can handle.

It’s only available for IPhone now, and Mike tells me that in a month or so it will be available for Adnroid phones. OK so IPhone wins this round, but can they swap out a battery like I can? 
 Ian and I experimented with the new medium. He had a great idea to capture,
we didn’t realize it had volume though. Now we do.
Check out the shot I took of  Ian Michael Crumm on the steps of the Rodin.