Miley Cyrus’ Philly Producers Get Caught Up in Chris Brown/Frank Ocean Parking Spot Fight

You’ve probably heard by now that bad boy Chris Brown has gotten into another dust up, this time it was Frank Ocean, and TMZ says it was over a parking spot.

Well what I know is all hell broke loose:  Chris Brown was at Westlake Studio in the L.A. area listening to one of the
artists he represents. The sources say as Chris went to leave, Frank
and his crew blocked Chris from leaving. The sources say Frank
said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”  Caught up in the all out brawl were Philly music producers  Ronny FLIP Colson (above left with Pop Wansel ‏ [r])and Trunie Wreck who were working alongside Pop Wansel in the same building. (I first met them last month when they were working on Miley Cyrus’ new CD at Sigma Sound. Now they’ve moved the production out to LA to put the finishes touches on the new CD which should drop this spring. (& working on other projects) Ronny FLIP Colson has a mix tape coming out soon called SourDonuts

anyway… I saw this tweet and reached out to the guys for a statement.


What a great night! Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight at the studio and and get handcuffed for it!! Lmaoooo!!
Seems everything was cool until Frank Ocean’s guy.
Yo funny shit is I tried to dip soon as I seen the cops til frank man pointed me out I got handled like an animal
I asked Flippa what happened and he said he and his brother just went outside for some air and the next thing you know they were caught up in this bust up and the cops put them in handcuffs, and gave them a banana for some odd reason. Flippa didn’t want to go into detail on why he thought the LAPD did that, you don’t mess around with those guys. (our conversation was longer than the above tweet, that was just the first contact)

I ain’t mad @ em though I just really don’t fuck with LAPD
I think Frank Ocean owes an apology to these guys who were obviously just getting some air. 
I learned a new term, one which is “leaking”, which means
bleeding. Seems Frank Ocean cut his finger and there was blood places.
Frank later tweeted that he’s only going to be able to use two fingers
to play during the Grammy’s on February 10. I heard sauce used a couple times in their tweets, but I still can’t figure out that term. Anyone?
But the dope part bout this whole situation was that squally didn’t care bout the weed..I love LA..

(reminds me of one of my favorite songs.)