Saturday night was a magical night, a memory I will cherish forever. I have some pretty terrific friends, and it was so nice to spend an enchanted evening with them. Here are a few cell phone pixs I took of the evening with a link to my column at PhillyMag at the end, or you can go see the shots now HERE>
Please LIKE the Page over at PhillyMag, everytime I check it out I silently say “YOU like me, You Really Like Me!” The stories on PhillyMag you won’t read anywhere else. The article took me about 12 hours to write so I hope you enjoy it. It’s always been the most beautiful event in the City, but to spend it with the people on this page really made it special. These peeps have my back. (Missing: Kristyn Aldrich and Maria Papadakis)

 Marisa Magnatta, Vasiliki Tsiouris, Moi (I finally look like my caricature on PhillyMag), Christie Honigman and Katie English.

 Teresa Nino – She wasnt in the room when we took the above shot.

 Stunning: Jaclyn Foglietta and Jeffrey Flynn

  One of the reasons these early shots are from my phone, is I forgot my memory card. As if Mike Toub wasn’t already the best Life Partner in the world, he had driven me to the AKA for the pre-pre party, was waiting outside and did me a huge favor and ran home to get my memory card. The part that makes him super special is he had to go in my cluttered office and figure out where I put them. Love that guy. (Hey can we get gay marriage in Pa soon, we really want to get married here and not in NY or NJ)
 Tania and Marc Schade
Lynsie Solomon and Evan Solomon



 Teresa Nino and Moi


Dana and Ron Donatucci

 I’ve lost 10lbs in 20 days since I gave up sugar, candy, cookies, cakes & the bread basket. So don’t even offer me any. Thanks.
There’s a no photo rule after dinner is served, so I put my camera to bed and I danced the night away. Eddie Bruce and his band (CTO Artist) kept me on the dance floor for two hours straight. Thanks to Adrienne Simpson (r) for being an awesome partner, as well as Mrs Joan Spain, Renee Freeman and Tony Frick

As is with tradition we all headed over to the Union League for light snacks and recapping of the night. Oh what a beautiful night. But wait go check out my column in PhillyMag to see the who, what, when and wear of the evening. AND great stories, tidbits and an engagement.
Sorry I couldn’t get all of you in the column. But who knows where those photos might show up.