Devotion Nightclub (Formerly Shampoo) Grand Opening with SuperStar

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived, folks: Devotion has opened and it’s Philadelphia’s newest dance club. For years you knew it as Shampoo, the cavernous, but music pumping dance hall which attracted folks from the tri-state area. I spent many a Friday night dancing the night away. Remember those crazy foam parties. Who ever thought that up? Of course it was really a ploy just to get everyone naked, and well it was fun for the most part, I think. I can’t remember.  Anyway those days are behind us and now as SuperStar  is a new monthly LGBT night The party, co-produced by Bruce Yelk, SuperStar will be similar to FriGay’s, Shampoo’s LGBT event.

  Superstar hosts Noel Zayas and Bruce Yelk

Look for the new club to have new furniture, bar tops, finishes, and an updated projection system to make each of the parties promoted there something special.

Neon Hitch is a British singer and songwriter
Neon Hitch is a British singer and songwriter
Fuego Dance Company
DJ Tall Matt

 Aeryanah Von Moi

LarryEmeigh and Ryan Lemek
DJ Joe Gauthreaux
Kurt Souder and Michael Shannon
Scott Barnes (looking hot in his 611 T-Shirt) and Noel Zayas 
PS I see that Devotion Vodka might have had an influence in the naming of the club, like I mentioned last night. As there was an hour open bar with Devotion Vodka. I say not a coincidence. 
(Sponsored –  Photographer Patrick Hagerty)