Aditi Roy Engaged, moving to West Coast To Marry Boyfriend – Details Here

According to Molly Eichel over at Philly Daily News Aditi Roy is leaving NBC 10,

 but not for the network job that she “auditioned” for in 2011. No this one is a much more plum assignment.

As I reported back in October, Aditi Roy returned from a vacation to the west coast as a newly engaged gal, she had been discreetly dating a man, she met through friends “The Golden State. Discreetly might be a the wrong word as Aidti has always been a very private person, she didn’t even share the news of her engagement with her co-workers.

She’s moving west to become a Mrs in May 2013. Congratulations Adit!! (PS I always cringed a little when runs this photo. It was taken at Boyds back in 2008, and Aditi always hated it because her mouth was open. It was after this photo that I began letting my subjects check their shots to make sure they were a-ok with them before they went to print. PS Thanks to PhillyMag for naming me as one of the 15 most influential peeps on Twitter: Follow me on Twitter: @iphillychitchat Plus CBS3 did a piece on me that will air after the Grammy’s on Sunday Night. Check out today’s other entry here, my Joe Flacco Party and my PhillyMag columns here. Oh And have a great weekend.)