Philadelphia Magazine Published Two Covers for March 2013

This month Philadelphia Magazine has two covers, both with the
same content. One with the controversial story “Being White In Philly” on the cover, which you can get on your news
stand, and in the mail if you’re a subscriber (r).

The other “Fashion” which is only available in hotel rooms. Note there’s no bar-code or price on the cover featuring M. Night Shyamalan’s beautiful wife Bhavna Vaswani on the cover.

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Here’s a link to the story on the right.

(P.S. I got permission to write about the two covers after I noticed them at my office.)

PSS I appreciate PhillyMag allowing me to make a statement.
“I love Philly Mag, but am very sad about the cover story. The article doesn’t represent my views. I’m sad it hurt many of my friends feelings. One of my friends wrote me to say she’s moving, she can’t believe that a City like Philly, which wants to be progressive, would publish an article like this. She wants to raise her family in a more tolerant community.”