Renovating: Hotel Palomar’s Square 1682 Update & Photos

Last year I heard that the restaurant at the Kimpton’s Palomar Hotel, Square 1682, was going to be renovated. I know it’s only been opened for three years, and the food is delicious, but it wasn’t getting the crowds it deserved. Certainly not like Red Owl Tavern at the recently opened Hotel Monaco at 5th and Chestnut Streets, which I ate at last week on a Wednesday and it was packed at 9PM. (Try the pot pie and mussels)

While there I overheard people talking about the renovations at Square 1682. They had started and made drastic changes.

Before writing the PhillyChitChat piece last year I stood on the corner across the street and asked a few people if they knew of the restaurant, and what they thought of it. I also asked my friends opinions, and well I had a few opinions myself. We all agreed the bar choked off the space leading to the lounge on the first floor.

 And although we loved the furniture’s cool modern look, sometimes the furniture seemed too low especially for bigger peeps like me.

 We all loved the staircase leading to the 2nd floor, and the chandelier was modern and cool
 Friday, after hearing that the renovations started, I checked it out.

 WOW the staircase is gone.
I never even thought that was a possibility, but what a clever idea. It opens up so much space downstairs. I hear they are going to put tables and banquette seating in this area.


This is what the upstairs looks like with the staircase gone. It’s a wall and window overlooking 17th Street.


  And guess what, did they take my suggestion and move the bar. Well they are definitely moving the bar, it’s now against the wall, allowing a lot of space on the left side of the restaurant/lounge. The restaurant will still be located in the back near the open kitchen.

 If you want to go to a bar and dine at Square 1682 during the renovations the action is on the 2nd floor including  
a pop up bar in one of the meeting rooms. You can get there by taking the elevator to the 2nd floor. 

When the work is complete, the restaurant will be entirely located on the first floor, with new furniture. The 2nd floor will now become much needed event space, and can also be used as meeting space. What a great plan, removing the staircase and moving the bar.  Can’t wait til mid Spring for everything to be ready.