New Business: Gayborhood – Midtown Village – Is the Facade Falling at Bru?

I took one of my fun walks around Center City last week.

 I remember chatting with the owner of no longer but used to be OK Pizza last fall and he told me he was going to open a cigar shop at the former location of his former fun gift shop XIII on 13 at 211 S 13th St.

 I forgot about it for a bit and walked by the other day and lo and behold it’s been built out and opened. I don’t smoke cigars, but it looked really impressive, seems like they have all the creature comforts of a full service cigar shop.

and downstairs there’s a cigar lounge, a BYOB cigar lounge with a TV, couches, magazines and privacy. Open till 11p.m. on weekdays 2 a.m. on weekends. BrYnell W. on Yelp says Village Tabako  “Wonderfully staff and services Prices are among the Lowest in the CITY”

 3 doors down another sushi place is going in; these days sushi places seem to be popping up everywhere like cupcake places. Across the street from the Criminal Justice Hall behind Applebee’s I noticed there’s another sushi place going in, at 19th and Chestnut, Crazy Sushi opened last year.

And around the corner from Village Tabako, in the old Mid-City Camera store, 1316 Walnut St, (where I spent a lot of time in the 90s),  Sumo Sushi is moving to this long vacant spot. Currently it’s located behind the Starbucks at 337 S. Broad St. and it’s delicious.

 The interior looks sleek too.

Danger Will Robinson: Bru: The indoor beer garden in Center City at 1318 Chestnut St. has taken over the sidewalk on Chestnut Street and forced folks into the street. This is insane. Do they really need the whole sidewalk? Is the facade falling?  I noticed the Scientologist have moved out next door. For the longest time they were planning a hotel in the building next door, but every time they made a move the protestors were out in force. They still maintain their location on Arch St where they seem to live in peace.