Palomar Hotel Square 1682 The Big Renovation Reveal

You’ll recall that I wrote about a year ago of plans for the relatively new Square 1682 to undergo renovations to make the restaurant more hip and friendly,

well the day has come for the reveal and it looks great.

The space was long and narrow, like a row home, but they didn’t utilize it properly centering the bar in the middle of the room. It made getting to the lounge/dining area a tight fit especially on those busy nights. Plus the staircase in the front of the room always seemed out of place and used up lots of good space.

The mostly hidden dining/lounge area with the open kitchen at Square 1682. In the original plans they were going to keep the bar where it was located, I voiced my opinion in this blog post about that, and maybe someone read my informal poll of people on the street or they came to realize it themselves as they changed their plans.  I also shot a few pixs of the progress of the renovation here, and it was only a short time ago.

I was running by the the other day and saw people sitting in the window. So I ran in and took these two shots. This is where the staircase used to be. Now there are couches and tables there, perfect for after work happy hours, or a late night bite and people watching as it’s near the door and next to the window facing 17th Street.

The restaurant looks fabulous, and you know I don’t use the F-Word lightly. They pushed the bar to the left, there’s so much more space, lots of great tables with chairs, not stools, the room is lighter now. I really, really like it. Go check it out for yourself. There’s a new menu too.