Adam Joseph, Marisa Magnatta, Maria Papadakis, at PIFA’s Fly School Circus Trapeze on Broad Street

Defying Gravity from Wicked runs through my mind as I watch my friends on the trapeze.

Wicked is coming this summer to the Kimmel Center (presale secret word – GRAVITY). Go see it, I did 5 times.

The 2013 Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA) is in town through April 27, 2013. There are many shows, exhibits and demonstrations to experience like Rufus Wainwright, Savion Glover and daily Free Plaza Performances. One of the most exhilarating activities to participate in is the Fly School Circus Arts or trapeze

PR extraordinaire, Kory Aversa, Aversa PR who always seems to be involved in the most out of the box interesting events like Dinner en Blanc, and Smokin’ Betty’s Puppy Love, is also doing the publicity for Fly Circus School and invited me to come out and cover it for a few days (Next up Flavors on the Avenue.).  It was great fun living vicariously through my friends who took the 2 hr lessons and experienced what it was like to fly with the greatest of ease through the air. First up 6ABC’s Adam Joseph who gets a lesson on the ground on how to hang upside down on the bar in the air.

Next we have Mary Kelly Rayel going over a few of the steps that happen on the high wire platform with Maria Papadakis,, Brittiny Stewart, Fashion of Philly, Kristin Detterline, Editor in Chief, Philadelphia Style Magazine at Niche Media, and Michelle Boyles, South Philly Fashionista
One of the most daring things I saw all week was Adam Joseph give the weather report from 30 feet above the ground
reading the little-list of details on a sheet of cardboard, held by my friend David Pershica
 David’s a professional tap dancer here and in NYC and he’s depicted in a mural on the PHL airport’s parking garage. You might recall at the 2011 PIFA they had those photos on a slideshow against the Kimmel Center wall on Broad Street in the evening.  Check him out, take a tap dancing class you’ll love it
Here we go, we have lift off with Kristin Detterline

9 year old Dillon

 Maria Papadakis, who BTW is up for Philly Scene  BENFM’s Philly Scene Queen
so give her a vote please. Plus Cori Moskow

 For folks who were able to get their legs up to the bar in a reasonable time, they were chosen to go onto the next step where you would be caught by another person swinging by another bar.  
 Marisa Magnatta, from WMMR’s Preston & Steve Show

 Here’s Marisa Magnatta’s entire performance
 The Catch
The release

 Adam Joseph

 The release
Then after all that there’s navigating to get off the net, which is a whole nother post. Flying Trapeze classes are $55 for the 2 hour session. Free to watch. Either way was a blast. PS Last Saturday it sold out, so get your tickets early

9 year old Dillon (I kinda like that name)