1st Annual Bourbon Battle at The Trestle Inn – Photos

On the outskirts of town is a dive bar that celebrates the

The Trestle Inn reminds me of the Hotel California

it’s off the beaten path atmosphere with dim lit rooms, cheap drinks, a back bar with a disco ball and guests who range from the down and out to the mainline socialites.

 There’s no better place to hold the 1st Annual Bourbon Battle at The Trestle Inn

When guests arrive, they were issued a bourbon battle passport entitling
them to have one complimentary drink at each of the four stations. 

 Tim Heuisler from Time Restaurant getting and assist from Chris “Biscuit” Edwards. Heuisler created Wake N’ Bake – a “hungover breakfast-inspired concoction” of Old Forester, egg white, fresh citrus, bacon and maple syrup

  Scott Coudriet from Lloyd with an assist by Taylor Coudriet
created pumoni cocktail made using Woodford Reserve, cherry heering, house-made pistachio orgeat, egg white and absinthe. He told me that it took 72hrs to make the pistachio orgeat.

Jonny Sherlock from The Industry created The Drunken Monk
combination of Old Forester, yellow chartreuse, fresh lemon, aperol and
an orange twist, and named the Benedictine Monks that know the secret ingredients that go into making the bourbon.

  Jake Goldberg from The Trestle Inn who was stationed behind the bar.

 Bartenders made sample cocktails and check off the participant’s
passport. At the end of the event, guests used their passport to cast their vote for their favorite drink.

Each cocktail created by the bartender included either Old Forester or Woodford Reserve (Did I mention that have go-go girls, and not the Delilah’s or Peek A Book ones, honestly to goodness fun gals you might see back in the Bettie Page era.)
 served “on the rocks” or “up” for each 5 oz. serving.
Matt Davis, Wendy Wilhelm and Steph Wehry enjoyed Tim Heuisler Wake N’ Bake, perfect for brunch

There’s a cool back room with a disco ball, and dance floor. Many of my friends tell me they love going here to get away.

Cheers Katie Loeb who can now be found at Sophia’s
on East Passyunk Ave 
Nate and Nicole

Chris and Colleen are big bourbon fans and were impressed by all the cocktails served at the event, but their choice of a winner was “Tears of the Bayou” created by the Trestle Inn’s Jake Goldberg. The drink was a concoction of Old Forester,
lazzaroni amaretto, fernet branca, black walnut bitters, absinthe and
bourbon soaked cherries.
Ed Jefferson, Ed Jackson and Andrew Ross

Another two votes for “Tears of the Bayou.” Anita and Devon said it was most similar to straight bourbon as it should be served.

Proceeds from the evening went to PAWS
Lorraine, Adam, Christina and Greg were all rooting for the Jake Goldberg’s Trestle Inn “Tears of the Bayou”
And the winner is
Jonny Sherlock from The Industry wins with his The Drunken Monk
Grand Prize – bragging rights and a basket of cheer. I guess I didn’t chat with enough people I thought it was going to be the Tears of the Bayou didn’t you?