Street Scene & Themes; Plus and Philly Mag Links

Thinking what I should call random columns of photos, hmm. Street Scenes & Themes

Oh I’m a little light on the entries these past two days as I get my taxes together cause there’s not like waiting for the last minute.


 Oh and it doesn’t hurt that the weather was spectacular either. Get out, get out, call out of work and enjoy the next two days before Spring returns…

Summer comes to Rittenhouse Square even before the buds on the trees bloom.

 So funny today outside the Fox 29 Studios there were two guys with signs trying to get the Good Day Philly peeps attention. One said Hi Mike and had the Fox 29 logo, but the rest was illegible. I suggest using a marker and not a bic pen next time.

 The theme today: bright yellow sunshine. Random shots on the street.

Not much yellow, but I love this shot of this very stylish gal eating outside Hop City Vedge
Friday I went to the Girard College Good Friends Event.
 Lots of fun people were there. I liked their table settings too.
 Check out my Philly Mag column to see what else went on at the annual gala.
Saturday night I hit 3 events, including the Alzheimer’s Association of the Delaware Valley Inaugural Gatsby Gala.
 This was one of the more unusual auction items, it’s an elopement package.

Read more about the Gatsby Gala:

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