So many great people born in May. Last week we covered the Stacey Kracher, Charlie Pasquale and Kory Aversa birthday’s. This Week..

VASILIKI TSIOURIS, co-owner Opa restaurant – baday 5/30 (l) SHEENA PARVEEN, NBC10 Meteorologist – bday 5/29 (c) and CHRISTIE HONIGMAN, The Honigman Group pr/publicist – bday 5/29 (r) Also in shot is Marisa Magnatta, WMMR, Stacey Kracher, Zarwin Baum and moi. We were all at the new restaurant Pennsylvania 6 for a little Christie Celebration on Wednesday.

 Laura Coates (the funniest chick in Philly), Christie Honigman, Marilyn Kellmer, owner of sunmyst (where I went to get my teeth whitened) and Jamie Reibenbach
 Jillian Mele, Sheena Parveen and Vasiliki Tsiouris. Sheena tells me that she’s taken up golfing. She’s about to do her 5th lesson, and LOVES IT. So for all you golf charity outings, get her a shout out, but after the photo opp prepare to play a serious game cause she’s out to win.She’s cover the US Open all next week, let’s watch and see if she has the lingo down. I bet she does. She’s a smart cookie.
 Three of the sweetest gals: Kristin Detterline, editor Philly Style Magazine, Adrienne Diaz and Kristyn Aldrich, Focused Studios.  (Kristin and Kristyn are both member’s of the incHUGHbator, and each of them tell me that they’ve been collaborating with many of the other ladies they met at my PR/News networking event. So excited for some of the events you’ll be hearing about soon.)
 Kerry English, and Katie English, Kathleen English Publicity. Yes all their siblings have K’s to begin their names.
 Gary Cardi, co-owner of Pa6, Regional Partner at Public House Investments, with Laura Coates and Puri Garzone, co-owner of Pa6, Regional Partner at Public House Investments
 Christie Honigman, The Honigman Group (Last year Christie saw me overwhelmed in my business. She said i can help you. And in no time flat she was able to get my business under control, helping me create a business plan, hooking me up with an accountant, money manager, attorney the works. I’m in good hands now.) and Laura Powers. They met when they both worked for Kelly Boyd. Laura lives in England now.
 Ian M Crumm and Marilyn. Still mentoring Ian. He’s doing great things, I’m so excited to see where he is in 5 years. I’m also mentoring a couple ladies too, which I will be writing about soon. The incHUGHbator, was sorta like a mentoring event for a large group. I’m getting so much great feedback from it lately, as many of the collaborations are taking place. I’m definitely going to plan another one in 6 months or so.
  CJ Honigman and Caitlin Fasano
 Jeff Kellmer, Jeff Kellmer Jewelery , Colleen Honigman, Chris Honigman and Marilyn Kellmer

  Katie English and Phil Balderston, Principal at PT Real Estate Capital, LLC
 Christie, Stacey and Marilyn toast to another successful year [of looking hot – lol]. Stacey wants you to be a sponsor at the Philaympics in July.
Sheena, V and some of the party headed out to celebrate Sheena’s Bday meeting up with friends, while about 12 of us retired to the upstairs dining room for dinner and 
the most delicious birthday cake

Then on Thursday night, we all headed to Morgan’s Pier to celebrate’ Vasiliki’s birthday. What a great time. Love that outdoor space. They’re open 7 days a week, rain or shine. They have a tented area. Chef George Sabatino has a delicious menu too. On Sundae, at 8PM Questlove takes over the turntables. Hit it up after you go to Sunday Funday at Stratus Lounge with Eddie Tully.