Oh so many columns coming your way this week. It’s a busy one. Last night I photographed the Carlos Ruiz, and Philadelphia Futures “Get in the Game” charity bowling event at North Bowl. 14 Philadelphia Phillies came out to support, which was tremendous.

Update to my dilemma: Thanks
Phillies from LtoR – Delmon Young, Jon Pettibone, Justin DeFratus (making slicked back hair remarks) and Tyler Cloyd. Not sure who has their back to camera.

 Who’s this guy with the crazy plaid shirt, and slicked back hair? (I added him after I got the above answer)

The only problem for me, I had no idea who the new ones were, and neither did some of the folks who were hanging out near me. So feel free to tell me some of their names.

I guess I really need to watch a game or two, or get a playbook. The column should be up at Philly Mag about 11AM, there’s a lot of other fun people there, and the Phillies players I do know. Thank god I’m not on Fox 29 today (I’m actually headed to a Cole & Heidi Hamels PressConf to see what good they’re up to), I once totally screwed up an Eagles Player’s name, and Mike Jerrick said you don’t know their name. I said, no, but I know who they’re dating and I have a photo – lol.

 Yes Queen Latifa the horse came in first place during the lunch time competition

Ok last week I went to the Devon Horse Show’s Ladies Luncheon and hat competition, (ie please turn your volume down on the computer cause on the same site is a loud ad.) parade. Check out the photos, it was a fun time and the ladies took time out from their shopping (one lady told me she’d be going to her weekly poker game after lunch.) to support a good cause.