#PCCbuzz – Gossip, Industry XIX Closed by L&I ; It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Phillies, The Hamels, Bloomingdales, Bars, Chase & Jen Utley on a Date, L&I and Beer

Yesterday I covered The Hamels Foundation Press Conference and Pep Rally at Shawmount School

 The Hamels Foundation donated over $50,000 in grants to three Philadelphia schools. These grants will provide new musical instruments for Shawmont ($30,000), library renovations for FS Edmonds ($13,000 plus $1,600 from PPG Industries), and
an art kiln plus supplies for Cook-Wissahickon ($7,000)!

The Hamels
Foundation believes that these investments will provide significant
improvement to the quality of students’ lives.

The night before I was at the Carlos Ruiz “Getting Into The Game” with Philadelphia Futures. Ck out my Philly Mag column for the complete detaile. HERE


Philebrity Sighting: Last night about midnight, I was at Hop Sing Laundry and 3 tables away, in a cozy corner were Jen and Chase Utley, with a gal friend.

 Finally L&I caught up with Industry XIX, who as it turned out didn’t have a “dance license” to operate,

and was shut down 5/24/13.

But I bet the Mac’s Tavern people just needed to get them out of there so they could start the transformation over to Mac’s Tavern Rittenhouse.

Update: I spoke to the owner of the building, Little Pete, who used to operate one of his restaurants there, and he tells me it’s L&I cited Industry XIX to basically vacate the building.  They wouldn’t leave so the Mac Tavern people could begin their work. Furthermore the freeloaders hadn’t paid rent in weeks. 

The basement club: Emmaline, run by DJ Brendan Olkus, is also closed.


BTW the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” cast will be in town June 11 through June 15 filming exteriors for their successful FX TV show.

 Remember last week I mentioned in my Philly Mag column that Fairmount Park is turning the surface parking lot at Eakin’s Oval into a multi purpose park. Maybe they were inspired by this depiction by Alvin Holm by building an amphitheater on the spot.

 Last night I checked out Helium where they hosted a Bachelorette viewing party with a Q&A of Philly’s two former Bachelor’s Reid Rosenthal and Craig Robinson.

 The place was packed with adoring fans. I think this should be a weekly event. This show, and these guys are still hot.

 Have you been to Pennsylvania 6 yet. OMG delicious, I’ve been there 3 times already. After reading about the Lobster roll at Zagat’s, I had to have it. In fact I think I’m going to have to try everyone mentioned in the article. (Then work out vigorously.)

Bloomingdale’s is getting antsy waiting for the deal to go through at The Gallery, and wants to be in Philly sooner rather than later. They’re now entertaining other locations, but i do hope they still go into the Gallery. How great it would be for the once tourist attraction mall, and all of Center City.  Sources have told me they are not considering Daffy’s. Currently two retailers are still trying to outbid each other for that space. One’s a clothing store, Norsdtrom ‘s Rack, and one is not.

 Afterwards I headed to Sampan with my old friend Butch Leiber, who flew in over the weekend from his home in Phoenix, AZ to attend his nephews Bar Mitzvah.  At the Phoenix airport he ran into Alex Newell, “Unique” from GLEE, who was attending the Asbury Park Pride Parade. This Sunday is Philly’s Pride Parade, June 9.

 Butch and I ate dinner at Sampan. This is my new favorite dish anywhere in Philly. It’s a scallop, shrimp, noodle dish. I wish I didn’t have to share it with Butch, as we were eating the tasting menu. OMG

 I didn’t go to The Brooklyn Flea Market, and was perplex why it was in Philly until I saw this tweet from Ivanka Trump. I see Ivanka doesn’t know how to spell flee, unless she was thinking thank god I fled NYC and came to Philly.

 Folks who fled Philly and were at the CFDA Awards in NYC last night included: Steven Lagos, who looked extra sparkly fashionable with his Harry Potter glasses.

And mainline’s Tory Burch, wearing what else, Tory Burch. See all the fun red carpet outfits from last nights event at The Cut. Finally, last Saturday I covered Smokin’ Betty’s: Philly Beer Week’s only drag show, Broads, Brews and Queens