#PCC BUZZ: The Rolling Stones in Philadelphia, Tidbits, Photos and Party

Mayor Nutter declared this week The Rolling Stones Week in Philadelphia. The band performed two concerts at the Wells Fargo Center this week. The first one was on Tuesday night. I was there to welcome them back to their hotel Four Seasons, at about midnight.

 Security was tight and abundant

The motorcade rolled in about 12:15AM. Each band member had their own limo,
with the crew and handlers in vans
Besides moi, there were fans hanging out hoping to get a photo with their idol, or an autograph. Mick Jagger gave them a wave.
Charlie Watts and Mick Taylor with Mick Jagger’s back to me
Ronnie Woods and his very serious red cape. There was no Keith Richards as he jetted back to his home in Connecticut.
The next day I hung around the hotel, but there was very little action through the front door. Mick and most of the band mates went through the back door, except for Longtime Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell 
And Ron Wood, who strolled out the front door with his girlfriend. They walked up the Parkway, and later I found out they went to The Barnes Museum. Here’s Ron with Shara Pollie, Director, Institutional Giving and Special Events at Barnes Foundation. Then Ron Wood gave tickets to all the Barnes Museum workers that were there that day for Friday’s concert.
 That evening the rock ‘n rollers were hot in Havana, partied at Cuba Libre 

where they
indulged in Chef Guillermo Pernot’s exotic and tempting cuisine. 
Between passed hors d’oeuvres of Atún Fire and Ice Ceviche and Spinach
and Manchego Buñuelos to stations of Plantain Crusted Whole Baby Rack of
Lamb and Cuban Paella, the group certainly enjoyed the finest Cuban
cuisine has to offer.  It
was an absolutely amazing opportunity to be able to cook for these
guys.  They truly are rock ‘n roll royalty,” said Guillermo, “It’s been
an exciting year for Cuba Libre.”

Mick Jagger loved the specially created Rolling Stones candy that evening. Cuba Libre owner Barry Gutin sent a box down to DC, which was his next stop. (I had some, they were delicious)

Both Mick Jagger and Ronnie Woods were salsa dancing. Not even the staff or jazz band hired to play  that night knew who would be there. I really laid low, I hung outside but it was impossible to get good shots and frankly I didn’t want to disturb the party. Now had I not shot them already at the hotel, who knows, maybe I would have toughed it out with the six huge bodyguards at the back door – LOL

Later I realized that Barry Gutin owned Cuba Libre, sometimes I forget who owns what. I am grateful that he took my call at 1AM, yes that’s right, I knew he’d be up as he had been inside. I worked this entry and 4 minute segment on Fox 29 to death. But it’s all worth it to bring the story to you.

When exiting the restaurant through the kitchen, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood signed for three waiting fans. When Mick exited he said there are 3 of you and I only have one hand. Two of you would be left out and that wouldn’t be fair, so he snubbed them.  

Thursday evening Mick Jagger leaving his hotel dressed in purple head to toe, waving to photographers.