BACK TO THE BEACH: THE CHELSEA HOTEL Still Popping Bottles, but also has family specials

In 2009, Atlantic City’s Chelsea Hotel and ushered in the popular Las Vegas style social pool and attracted the young, beautiful and bottle popping scene. 

Nowadays there are other hotels in the city with party pools, but none of them are as intimate as The Chelsea Hotel where the guests can either enjoy cabana’s service or poolside service. Earlier this month I hit up the popular pool to enjoy the annual Philadelphia Style Magazine pool party.
Where DJ Eddie Tully was on hand entertaining the crowd.

  Sharilyn Drewen Gilfillan and Juan Vidal
 During the week the Chelsea has specials to attract families.
 Alisa Martino, guest,Jill Rizen, and Andy Henning 
 Steve Thorne, Eliana Raggio and Mike Raggio
 In the evening, The Chelsea turns into a nightclub around the pool, and has a dance floor in an adjoining room that houses an ample bar and seating.
 Brett Rosenbloom, Kristen Foote and Ray Evers
 Kristin Huxta and fiance Larry Bradley
 Shawn Waters and Michele Waters, Michelle Shannon and Bruce Shannon
 poppin’ bottles
 Adrianna and Phil

 Marisa Magnatta and Susie Celek
 Samantha Kumiko and DJ Royale
 The Chelsea has plenty of lounge chairs, and towel service. There’s

Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Associates and Nigel Richards, 611 Exeperience