TBT: BUTCHER AND SINGER OPENING – October 2008 – Who was moving & shaking it then?

Can you believe it’s going to be 5 years this October since Stephen Starrs’ Butcher & Singer opened, wow!!

I wrote: One of the first things I noticed when entering the restaurant was the vast huge ceilings and the vibrant but warm golden tone to the hue of the walls, oh and these huge chandeliers.
Sure I had been to the Striped Bass a few times, and that was huge, but
it seemed huge, this is huge but it seems comfortable and much warmer.
Tailored to a broad market of patrons, Butcher and Singer strives to
bring back the “power lunch,” popularize the after-work cocktail and
appeal to high-stakes business dinners or romantic evenings.

 The GM at the time, Monica Malpass, 6ABC and Donna Govberg
 Natalie McDonald, Meg Rider, Jim Donovan (he never ages), Stephanie Stahl and Matt Vlahos

 Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown, Sharon Pinkenson, Melanie Johnson and Nicole Cashman

 Dana Lombadro and Scott Barnes
 Scott Sigman, Marybeth, Joe Barber, Susan Helfrich and Laura Burkhardt
 BILL GREEN is a City Councilman At-Large in the City of Philadelphia and his wife Margie. Not sure of the other guy (l). Even tho these have watermarks it doesnt seem I used this particular photos.
 Stephen Starr and Chef Shane Cash
 Megan Stecher (seems she and Mac have moved to LA), guest, and Brooke Dillon (I didn’t know her back then)
Elaine Graber, guest and Joe (This guy is always great, I can never remember his name.)
Doug and Holly Kammerer, Justin Wineburgh, John Middleton (I didn’t know him then), Andrew Rosenthal (this was a year before he introduced me to Maria Papadakis and before he went to Harvard to go to Grad school, he’s smart.), Jason Duran and Casey Anderson 
 Anthony and Lauren Sembello (they weren’t married yet), Sabrina and Steve Thorne (they weren’t married yet) Donna Masonova and Carol Tamburino
 Thom Cardwell, Mary Patel, Bobbie Booker and Joe Barber 
– WOW that was going down memory lane…