The Philly Style Magazine Party was held last Thursday night at Vie on North Broad Street. It was hot, hot and hot as some of Phillies most fashionable, well heeled, outrageous personalities, and the most party clever party crashers made an appearance.

Megan Usefara and the demure Kate Beaver
Check out the rest of the party goers in my column at which I will link at bottom of page.

 The after party was held at Zee Bar. Originally I was going to put these pixs in the column, but the two ladies on the left escaped before I could get their names. One of the most stylish men in Philly, as well as the smartest, Brian Taylor. He holds the guest list to the door, and can recognize a VIP at 500 feet. With Arthur Kade, who graduated from DB to entertainment correspondence on Extra TV, he resides in NYC now. Good for him. The other day I was just pitching a story of him to a screenwriter.

 Brian Taylor and Christie Langston, Marketing director for Zee Bar & Delilah’s
Tomorrow night is  
The 11th Annual Diamond G-String Award!
Join us Wednesday, July 24th for the $15,000 “Winner Take All” Diamond
G-String Award hosted by adult film superstar, Lisa Ann. Select open
bar and gourmet hor d’oeuvres begin at 7pm. To reserve a table for
bottle service please contact 215-625-2800 x101 or email

 Saturday night I headed over to the Philadelphia Zoo for their 5th Annual Ale Festival. It was also hot, packed and people had a great time.

The zoo has a new parking garage now, it’s only $15 to park. That’s a convenient price I’d pay.
 I left the Zoo cause of the approaching lightning storm.
 In the beginning of the night it really stayed to the south so I headed to the top of the Art Museum Steps to capture a few shots.
 It was spectacular
Hey today’s my birthday. I am so grateful for your readership, and support. i cant stress enough to go out and find your passion, something you love, find a hobby, volunteer, help someone, find loving friends, exercise. I want everyone to live a happy life, and if you’re happy right now, then you’re doing everything right. xo HughE