Last week was a whirlwind for the fan girls & boys of Philadelphia as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Big Time Rush and the epic Taylor Swift’s RED tour (With Ed Sheeran & Austin Mahone) came through town.

(Updated) Friday late nite (midnight) I got a tip that Taylor Swift was eating at Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in South Philly, so I hoofed it over there. Originally her SUV was parked in front of the restaurant, so I hung across the street w/the friends I brought with me to shoot her departure. At some point a fangirl friend wrote me and asked me where the restaurant was, she had heard Taylor was inside eating from twitter. Next thing you know 7 fans are there, some with their moms in PJ’s. Taylor got spooked and had the car pick her up at the back door. We weren’t able to get close as the police kicked us off the block. When she came out she looked beautiful in a white dress, and then the police motorcade took her back to the Four Seasons. Sadly for the 20 fans waiting there, she had her driver take her into the hotel through the loading dock. Although they did say earlier in the evening Taylor’s mom did come out and greet them.
(Taylor left a whopping tip: Taylor Swift $500 Tip Ralph’s Italian Restaurant
and gave tickets to the Chef ) 

 The next day the restaurant posted this fun photo of the group inside.
Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in South Philly – Taylor Swift, Austin Mahone
and Ed Sheeran (r) had dinner Friday Night. The restaurant kept the
place open for them past their 1045PM closing time. The party arrived at
midnite and left at 130AM. Taylor and the boys enjoyed Chicken Parmesan
– Owner – Edward Rubino 
 This is how they asked the room to be set up as. note, that all the diners would face each other
 Saturday all three learned they were nominated for a VMA. They took this shot inside the restaurant.


did catch up with Austin Mahone who left via the front door. Austin
told me the concert was great, the fans were supportive and he hoped to
check Philly out a bit on Saturday.


  Saturday Austin Mahone had a meet and greet with listeners from Q102 radio station, at the Franklin Institute.

Fans hanging outside The Franklin Institute waiting for the departure of Austin Mahone from the Q102 Meet & Greet.

 Ed Sheeran performs at a private concert for listeners of Q102. It was
held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He told a story of how he was
learning to drive Friday at The Linc. He accidentally backed into
something because he forgot you were supposed to look backwards. His
guitars all have names, this one is Zero.

At one point during the event he played Rock, Scissors, Paper with DJ
Maxwell. Maxwell won and Sheeran had to tweet to his 6 million followers
that he lost the game to Maxwell. 


Ed Sheeran tweeted this photo. After the concert Ed was spotted on South Street at Jim’s Steaks having a cheese steak. It must be his favorite spot as he ate there in December after the Jingle Ball too.

 Ryan Seacrest Instagram Photo – Taylor Swift visited several patients at
Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania where The Ryan Seacrest Foundation
has a music program, Saturday afternoon.

She gave them all signed photos
 Fans outside the stadium

 Jessica Kovalick (bottom right)
She won the Q102 clicking contest to meet Taylor Swift and get awesome seats.
Read her story here.
 Ed Sheeran took this shot Saturday night from the stage at Lincoln Financial Field. What a great view, and I love the wind turbines generating electricity.

 Thanks to fan Jessica who took this photo with a pocket Sony camera

 After his performance Saturday night he headed over to the Susquehanna
venue and took in a Lil’ Wayne, T.I. And 2 Chainz concert. Lil Wayne
and Austin Mahone were both staying at the Ritz Carlton and must have bumped into
each other there. TI and 2 Chainz were staying at the Four Seasons.


 Saturday night the skies opened and delayed the concert for an hour. The fans were evacuated to the concourse without incident. But the show must go on and it did. I heard the concert was amazing, I can’t believe I didn’t go, but I didnt buy the CD and fall in love with Taylor til after they were all sold out. Next Time!