Jack Daniels Unaged Rye Product Shoot – I love the end result of my first product shoot.

A few weeks ago I shot a new ad campaign for Jack Daniels Unaged Rye at Pennsylvania 6, a new and delicious restaurant. I was so excited to take part in this project. Now only did I shoot the project, but I prepared processed the photos in the sepia tone.

 The layout was done by
Chris Chamberlain
Pioneer Team Sales Representative
& Charmer Sunbelt Mixologist
 I was so excited & nervous as this was one of my first product shoots.
 You’ll recognize these notable mixologist from the Philly area.
 The theme was “Prohibition”
 each bartender was given the ingredient list a few days before
 and they created new drinks based on the ingredients and Unaged Rye from Jack Daniels

 The end results were perfect.
This was sent out to our team after the project was done.
“On behalf of the brand team, I want to
thank you for a job superbly done.  This is by far the best execution
we’ve seen with JDUR and exactly what we had in mind when it was
launched.  We appreciate all of your support on our brand’s and keep up
the awesome work.” Brown Forman