HughE & Mike’s Excellent Adventure – Day One – Virginia Safari Park

Last week Mike and I headed to Tennesee to visit our friend Erin Como who works for Fox 17 as a reporter.
On our way we had a few adventures. I kept a lot of the details secret
from Mike, so everyday was a little surprise. This was one of the

About 5 hours from Philadelphia is the Virginia Safari Park, and it is by far one of the most enjoyable outings a family could have. Just like Great Adventure’s Safari Park the animals roam the grounds freely as cars drive thru their “habitat”, but the difference is you, me, us can feed and pet the animals.

 Each vehicle has the option of buying feed in a bucket.($17 admission per adult, and $4 bucket of feed)
 Thankfully we bought 4 buckets as we discovered the animals were pigs.
 Mike’s ready for his close up
 but his new friend
 was ready for dinner. Boy was the car a mess after this.
I think the animals objective was to see how many buckets they could snatch from the visitors.

I lost one to this guy
 There were a lot of butterflies around too.

It takes between 2 and 3 hrs to drive through the Safari


At the end of the Safari, you can get out and walk through the petting zoo, but we didn’t.

Go visit Virginia Safari Park, you won’t be disappointed. It’s near Lexington, Va and Natural Bridge, Va. Both towns have lots of attractions including cavern’s, historical outings, and a Natural Bridge you can hike to.