Newark mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker cracked jokes at The 23rd Annual “Stu Bykofsky Candidates’ Comedy Night & helmet wearing Dan Gross

Last night Finnegan’s Wake was the scene of bad, uncomfortable, awkward comedy for a good cause at the 23rd AnnualStu Bykofsky Candidates’ Comedy Night

Stu Bykofsky greets the crowd.
First up Alan Bukowitz, he’s better at his job. I was confused by schtick of bringing up a secretary who couldn’t find the records in a database, especially since that seems to be the big complaint against his office. 
 The Norcross Family: Lexi, Sandy and George, had front row seats.
After the first comedian, er I mean politician, it was time for a real comedian, Doogie Howser, a much needed fluffer as the crowd seemed a little uncomfortable, dead.
And then there was Dan Gross. Funny and awkward.
But Gross handled it with his regular cool demeanor which is probably why he’s opened a crisis communications business. 

Dan Gross was special surprised guest for the evening, did a funny routine, and then acted as auctioneer too. This Soul Football helmet was going for a modest price, but a republican operative said he’d pay $2000 to see Dan Gross put the helmet on.
He said he would but in the end Emerald Capital Group paid $3,000 for the same gesture. Best part of his routine is calling out Stu for making Cory Booker sit through at least 4 of the political comedians. The place was roaring.
If you can bear with the video do so, but in actuality just listen to the Dan Gross audio to hear his spiel.
 DA Seth Williams and Stacey Cummings
 Sponsor Bonnie Squires, President of Squires Consulting. She’s at all the political events and knows where the skeletons are buried. Super nice, and doesn’t kiss and tell.
 Bill Ross and Dan Gross
 In the audience I spotted the 2014 candidate for mayor, Dana Spain. Here she is with patriotic Maria Papadakis.

 Sharon Suleta, Attny Zoning Board, Julie Chapman, Chair of Zoning and Carol Tinari, Vice Chair of Zoning.

Daniel Alvarez – the Philadelphia Republican Party’s District Attorney candidate chatted about DA Seth Williams unpaid gas bill, and the fact that even though he’s a republican, the GOP controlled Parking Authority gave him a ticket even though he was only 1 minute late getting back to his car. He’s hoping that changes when he gets in office cause they probably don’t ticket Seth Williams.
Daniel Alvarez – the Philadelphia Republican Party’s District Attorney candidate.
 Stu explains that Daniel is fiscally conservative as they both wear cheap watches.
I think I’m going to get a tripod

“South Jersey loves Philly. I have this perfunctory profession of
prodigious pandering that I must do to South Jersey sports fans,” Mr.
Booker said during a series of sports jokes. “It’s the obligation of
being a statewide official.” Some of my best friends are Flyers Fans.

Cory Booker compares himself to Obama


 Stu Bykosky and his latest squeeze
 I love this idea of a 50/50, writing your name on the bill and then pulling the bill out of the fish bowl. Dan Gross won, and donated the $300 to Variety Club.

 Republican Terry Tracy says he’d be honest and fair in the position of Philadelphia Controller, and would work well with the Democratic Machine as he didn’t have a lot of friends growing up anyway.
All proceeds went to the Variety Club of Philadelphia