BUDWEISER MADE IN AMERICA 2013 Details You’ll Wanna Know

August 22, 2013 –
Mayor Michael A. Nutter released details about the City of Philadelphia’s plans to welcome back for a second
year the “Budweiser Made in
Festival, an exciting, two-day music festival during Labor Day weekend. 
The event will be locally produced by Live Nation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and will
benefit local United Way
“Jay Z” Carter will once again curate the blockbuster roster of
talent, featuring headliners Beyoncé and Nine Inch Nails, with more than 30
acts that embody the diverse American musical spirit.  The artists will
perform on three stages on the Parkway
in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park
on Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1. 
Performances are scheduled to begin at 2:00 P.M. and conclude at 11:59 P.M. on
Saturday, and will begin at 2:00 P.M. and conclude at 11:00 P.M. on Sunday.
the second year in a row, Labor Day weekend in the City of Philadelphia will offer a unique combination
of entertainment, culture and community, with the iconic Benjamin Franklin Parkway as the backdrop
for the Budweiser Made in America Festival,” said Mayor Michael A.
Nutter.  “There is something for everyone: Festival ticket-holders,
cultural institution visitors and those with business on the Parkway are all
welcome to take part in a relaxing weekend of holiday fun.  With the
success of its inaugural year, the Budweiser Made in America Festival is a
perfect opportunity to highlight Philadelphia
as a major destination for art, music and cultural offerings.”
Budweiser Made in America Festival will benefit United Way organizations in Greater
Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and Lancaster
County, PA.  The
Festival’s primary goal is to have a positive impact on the communities
involved.  Money invested into these communities will positively impact
the education, income and health of the most vulnerable and needy citizens in
these regions. As a result of last year’s Festival, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey is investing more than $350,000 into
education and workforce development initiatives.
to the venue is limited to Festival ticket-holders only.
Festival goers are urged to purchase tickets in advance through
and  Approximately
60,000 ticket-holders will enjoy the Festival each day.  Attendees are
encouraged to visit
for information on items that are (and are NOT) permitted in the venue, as well
as information on concessions, accommodations, and directions. 
Road Closures
To accommodate the venue
construction and two-day festival, gradual road closures along the Benjamin
Franklin Parkway and in key sections of the Fairmount neighborhood will begin
the week of August 25, with increasing closures up until the start of the
Festival on the morning of Saturday, August 31.  The full extent of the
closures will extend through Tuesday, September 3.  
can be expected and motorists are advised to use alternate routes, and allow
for extra driving time, in the areas near these festivities before and during
Labor Day weekend.
(Please see attached list and map for specific road
closures by date and a foot print of the event or visit
There are three phases of road closures
associated with the construction of the Festival site.  A detailed list of
closures is listed below:
Sunday, August 25th:
Two lanes in front of the Philadelphia
Art Museum will be
closed, from 5:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Monday, August 26th
and Tuesday, August 27th: One lane in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum
will be closed, from 5:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. A second lane will be closed, from
10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. The closures are designed to minimize disruption to
rush-hour traffic.
Wednesday, August 28th:
Two lanes in front of the Philadelphia
Art Museum will be
closed, beginning at 5:00 A.M. 
These lanes will not re-open until the removal of the staging and equipment
following the final concert, or by Tuesday morning. The festivities will end by
11:00 P.M. on Sunday, September 1st.
Thursday, August 29th:
The inner lanes of the Benjamin
Franklin Parkway (the inbound and outbound lanes),
from 22nd Street
to Eakins Oval, will be closed until Tuesday, September 3rd.
Friday, August 30th:
Due to the closure of the inner lanes on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, traffic
for Friday morning rush hour headed inbound (to Center City) from Spring Garden
Street Bridge or Martin Luther King Drive must exit Eakins Oval on the
24th Street ramp.  Traffic headed inbound on Kelly Drive must exit the Drive at
Fairmount Avenue.
The full extent of road
closures around the Festival site will begin at 10:00 A.M and will remain
through the duration of the Festival.  A complete list of road closures
and ‘no parking’ restrictions follows:
The Benjamin Franklin Parkway beginning at 20th Street
extending through Eakins Oval and behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Street between Winter
& Spring Garden
Street between Winter & Fairmount Streets
Street between the Benjamin
Franklin Parkway & Fairmount Avenue
Street between Fairmount & Pennsylvania Avenues
Street between Fairmount & Pennsylvania Avenues
Garden Street between 20th & 31st
Streets, including the Spring
Garden Street tunnel
Drive between 23rd
Street & Fairmount Avenue
Luther King Drive between the Falls Bridge
& the Benjamin Franklin
Avenue between Hamilton & Fairmount Avenues
2000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue between the Whole Foods store
& 21st Street (the eastern half of the block from Whole Foods to
20th Street will remain open to allow access to the store)
Park Towne
Place between 22nd & 24th Streets
I-676 Westbound off-ramp at 22nd Street (the I-676
Eastbound off-ramp at 23rd
Street will be open)
No Parking:
Avenue between 22nd Street & Fairmount Avenue (south side
of street)
Winter Street between 20th & 22nd Streets
(both sides of street)
Street between Vine Street & Callowhill Street  (east side of
Street between the Benjamin Franklin Parkway & Race Street (both
sides of street)
Street between Winter & Spring Garden Streets (both sides of street)
Park Towne
Place between 22nd & 24th Streets (both
sides of street)
Transportation and Parking
and NJTransit will operate under normal weekend schedules.  Festival
ticket-holders, Parkway cultural institution patrons and others with business
or recreational plans are urged to use public transportation to get in and out
of Center City during the festival weekend due to
the number of road closures. 
will add service on the Broad
Street and Market-Frankford Lines throughout the
two-day festival, with trains running every five-to-ten minutes before, during
and after the performances.  SEPTA will also extend late-night service on
selected regional rail lines to accommodate Festival patrons leaving Center City
after the shows.
information on specific SEPTA and NJTransit routes and schedules during Labor
Day weekend, visit or call
215-580-7800, and or
call 973-275-5555.
PHLASH Trolley, which normally operates until 6:00 P.M. daily, will offer
extended service through 7:30 P.M. at select stops on Saturday and Sunday to
accommodate Budweiser Made in America
patrons.  Between 6:00 P.M. and 7:30 P.M., the PHLASH Trolley will service
stops #1-5 (eastbound) and 16-19 (westbound).  Visit for more information.
If driving is
necessary, paid parking lots and garages are conveniently located on or near the
Parkway (listed below). It is recommended to call ahead for rates and
or visit the Philadelphia Parking Authority website at for a complete list of
parking options.  A sample list of facilities follows:
Paid Garages:
206 22nd
St., Patriot Parking Inc., 215-772-1511
St. and Benjamin
Franklin Parkway, Expert Parking, 215-448-1391
Cherry St., InterPark, 215-496-1070
1815 JFK
Blvd., Sterlng Building, Patriot Parking, Inc., 215-568-8030
16th and Race Sts., Sheraton
Hotel, Expert Parking, 215-496-0293
Sansom St., Central Parking System,
1901 JFK
Blvd., Central Parking System, 215-557-3721
36 S.
19th St., Central Parking System, 215-561-1187
Rittenhouse Square, Central Parking System,
Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Windsor Suites, 215-569-0899
Paid Parking Lots:
23rd and Cherry Sts.,
Patriot Parking, Inc., 215-772-1511
22nd and Walden Sts.,
Patriot Parking, Inc., 215-772-1511
19th and Callowhill Sts., Philadelphia Parking Authority, 215-683-9813
18th and Vine Sts.,
Parkway Corporation, 215-575-4000
Budweiser Made in America is not affiliated with any
of these parking facilities.
Cultural Institutions
Most of the cultural
institutions along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will maintain normal hours of
operation during the Budweiser Made in America Festival and throughout Labor
Day weekend with the exception
of Moore College of Art & Design and the Rodin Museum, which will be
closed Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1, and will reopen on Labor Day,
Monday, September 2. The Rodin
Museum is under the
operation of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
either free or paid (see above) is available at or nearby the institutions, but
using public transportation is strongly encouraged.  Please refer to the
institutions’ websites for information on exhibit hours, ticketing,
parking, and accessibility accommodations.  A list of cultural
institutions and their contact information follows:
Museum of Art and the Perelman Building Annex
26th Street
& Benjamin Franklin Parkway,,
*During the Budweiser Made in America Festival,
the west entrance of PMA will be open and visitors may obtain access via
pathways north and south of this entrance. The east entrance will not be
open.  The Museum’s visitor shuttle will be in service.  No access
to Art Museum Drive
will be available from 25th
Street (security will only provide access for
deliveries, visitors with ADA
tags, and the Museum’s visitor shuttle.) Police will direct PMA staff and
visitors to the Waterworks Drive
entrance for access to surface lot parking and garage entry.
21st Street
& Benjamin Franklin Parkway,,
Barnes Foundation
20th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway,, 215-278-7000
Parking: Museum
parking lot is accessible from Pennsylvania
Avenue, between 20th and 21st
Streets. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.  The ADA accessible entrance is located on the corner of 20th Street
& Pennsylvania
The Franklin Institute
222 North 20th Street,, 215-448-1200
Parking: The
Franklin Institute’s parking garage entrance is at 21st and
Winter Streets, and will be open throughout Labor Day Weekend.
Academy of Natural
Sciences of Drexel
19th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway,, 215-299-1000
Parkway Central Library
1901 Vine Street,, 215-686-5322
Moore College of Art & Design
20th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway,, 215-965-4000
Fairmount Waterworks
640 Waterworks Drive,, 215-685-0723
Parking: 2-hour public
parking, on a first-come, first serve basis. Additional parking on Sedgley Avenue,
across Kelly Drive.
Venue Details
Budweiser Made in America
venue features three entrances/exits for ticket-holders to utilize during the
two-day festival.  The main entrance is located on 22nd Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. 
Additional entrances on either side of the venue at 23rd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
and 24th Street
and Martin Luther King Drive
at Eakins Oval – will be opened to facilitate easier access to the venue
as needed. The Festival is a rain or shine event; re-entry to the venue will
NOT be permitted on either day.  (Please see attached map for information
on the interior of the venue or visit
organizers stressed what items will and will not be allowed inside the venue
perimeter.  Ticket-holders will be subject to searches and pat-downs
before being permitted inside the venue to ensure the enjoyment and safety of
everyone at the Festival.  Ticket holders should be prepared for
additional searches inside the venue at the discretion of Festival security
allowed inside the venue include:
Blankets and towels
Umbrellas (small,
hand-held only)
Factory-sealed, plastic
water bottles (1 per person up to 1 liter)
Empty plastic water
containers or Camelbacks
cameras, flip-cams, camera phones
One non-framed backpack
or bag (subject to search and re-search)
Encouraged items:
sunscreen, sunglasses, government issued I.D., cash/debit cards/credit cards
NOT allowed inside the venue include
but are not limited to:
of any kind
(regardless of
permitting, e.g. Right to Carry permits will not be honored and weapons will be
Fireworks or explosives
Illegal or illicit
substances of any kind
Outside food &
beverages (except factory-sealed water bottles)
Pets (except trained
service animals)
Flyers, handbills,
posters, stickers (no solicitation allowed)
Glass containers
Skateboards, motorized
vehicles or scooters
Professional recording
devices or cameras (no detachable lenses or tripods meant for commercial use)
Laser pointers
Items that would
obstruct others’ view of the stages (kites, flag poles, large signs,
Made in America
is a rain or shine event.  In the event of severe weather, listen for
announcements and sign up at
for text and email alerts or text PHILA to 411911 from your mobile
device.  Have a plan if you’re asked to leave the Parkway and take
For more information:
Budweiser Made in America Festival:,,
and on Twitter: @MIAFestival and #BudweiserMadeInAmerica
City of Philadelphia:,,,,
and on Twitter: @PhiladelphiaGov, @PhillyPolice, @PhilaOEM
United Way:
Chris Murray, 215-665-2513,